Argentina: pioneer in trans-health rights

Buenos Aires hosted, at the beginning of this month, the 25th congress of the World Association of Professionals working with Trans people

Argentina: pioneer in trans-health rights

Under the title "Achieving Excellence in the Health Care of Transgender People Throughout Life: From Evidence to Clinical Practice", Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, hosted the 25th congress of the World Association of Professionals who work with Trans people (WPATH), so this was the first time that Congress was held in a Latin American city.

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"Argentina is a very well seen country in the world in this area because we are pioneers in trans health rights, specialists from different countries were very interested in knowing our law and our work methodology," local president Javier Belinky told Infobae. of the international symposium, who was in charge of the section of Transsexual Surgery at Durand Hospital.

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According to information on the official website, these meetings are held every two years and the last one took place in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Now, in Buenos Aires, it was held at the Hilton Hotel, under the auspices of UN Sida, the Argentine societies of Urology and Plastic Surgery, and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. A program was developed focused on the exhibition of scientific advances in this field and the training of new professionals.

During the conference, surgeons, doctors, world-class psychiatrists and lawyers and writers referring social movements.

In addition, apart from the dissemination of scientific research and the training of professionals, experiences were exchanged in clinical practice, since the main slogan of the Congress was the well-being and quality of life of the patients.

This is why, according to information from Infobae, the five central themes on the agenda were the development of new surgical techniques for surgeries that help strengthen the self-perceived sexual identity, the hope and quality of life of trans people, the approach to the cases in children and adolescents, the determination of the most appropriate age for performing surgeries, and the definition of medical protocols in the field worldwide.

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The last item on the agenda was a work that has been done for months and that defines the guidelines to follow in the management of transgender health, ranging from surgeries and mental health to the preservation of ovules and sperm of people trans.

"The WPATH wishes, above all, to encourage young and new researchers to present their projects and results" and that it be consolidated as a "perfect scenario to start new professional and scientific relationships with Latin American professionals", said the association.


LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez

Translated from "Por primera vez el Congreso de la salud Trans se celebró en Latinoamérica"

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