Amazing! The League of Spain will arrive to Latin America

These are the first Latin American countries to which will arrive one of the most followed European competitions by the fans of this region

Amazing! The League of Spain will arrive to Latin America

Recently, the Professional Football League of Spain (LaLiga) signed two training agreements in sports management. The first with the San Ignacio de Loyola University in Peru, and the second, according to El Comercio, with the San Francisco de Quito  University in Ecuador.

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This with the aim of promoting the professionalization of soccer through excellent training, which includes courses on management, finance, leadership, marketing, technology, and innovation.

José Moya, director of LaLiga Business School, told EFE that "LaLiga is already a global brand, and we want to be close to the fans in all parts of the world, we also want to professionalize the sports industry where we think we can give a helping hand".

Why were agreements signed in these two countries?

With regard to the agreement signed with the Peruvian university, he stated that "We believe that it is a country with a very great potential, and with a huge soccer and sports culture. We want to be close to the Peruvian fans, who will be close to us and be part of their day to day".

According to the Líbero newspaper, the director of LaLiga Business School also stated that: "We are very happy to have the opportunity to share the experience in LaLiga in the Peruvian territory."

Then he added: "This agreement reaffirms the commitment of our organization to professionalize the sports sector and, in line with our slogan, "it is not soccer, it is LaLiga", this positions us at the forefront of the industry, not only in sports terms but also in educational standards."

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Also, Moya invited the representatives of the clubs with the most fans in Peruvian soccer (Alianza Lima and Universitario de Deportes) to join this project to contribute their knowledge and experience in the field of professional soccer.

Regarding the agreement signed in Ecuador, Moya told El Comercio that this is a project that will involve all the employees of the new LigaPro of Ecuador. He also assured that "We are happy to have the opportunity to share the experience of LaLiga in Ecuador".

On the other hand, Rafael Jordá, director of the relationship with the USFQ society, assured the same media that the objective of this agreement is to professionalize the sports industry in the country, "Through continuous education, we will try to solve the problems of sport," he said.

The benefits that the agreements in Ecuador and Peru will bring

It is expected that with the training imparted in these countries it will be possible to generate the same competitive and professional level that LaLiga Santander has since this has managed to position itself as one of the most important leagues in the world. This is because it has some of the best clubs and players internationally.

Will LaLiga sign agreements with more Latin American countries?

According to the EFE Agency, the next agreement of this type in Latin America will be developed with the Externado de Colombia University. This in order to boost professional soccer in the country. In addition, there is the possibility that the agreement may be extended to other countries in the region.

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Translated from "¡Es un hecho! La Liga de España llegará a América Latina"

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