All you need to know about 'Nicky Jam: El Ganador'

That's right, on November 30 the series telling the life of the reggaeton singer, will be released on Netflix. Here all you have to know about it

All you need to know about Nicky Jam: El Ganador

Netflix and Telemundo take to the small screen the life of Nicky Jam, the American reggaeton resident in Medellin. Through this series, the story is told in thirteen chapters and it will relate his personal struggle against drugs and street life. Says the official synopsis: "Nicky Jam, reggaeton star, shares his fight to get out of drugs and his path to international success in this series based on his story".

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Who is Nicky Jam?

He was born under the name of Nick Rivera Caminero but we all know him as Nicky Jam. He was born in Boston and is the son of immigrants: his father is Puerto Rican and his mother is Dominican. Although he was born in the United States, he grew up in Puerto Rico and a clear influence of the musical rhythms of this island can be seen in his music.

It could be said that he is part of the old reggaeton school since his career began around the same time as Daddy Yankee, one of the forerunners of the genre, with whom he had a duo called Los Cangris at the end of the 90s.

Unlike Daddy Yankee, who achieved international fame in 2004 with his hit 'Gasolina', Nicky Jam remained silent for a few years, the 2000s, for reasons we will know in the series.

By 2010 reggaeton was already positioned in the music charts, on the radio, and at parties and the capital of the genre had moved from Puerto Rico to Colombia. The singer and rapper, then, decides to move to Medellin to make a musical comeback and for his career to take off. The rest of his story will be known by watching the series, but we can anticipate, by the title, that Nicky Jam will overcome all obstacles.

Currently, Nicky Jam is one of the most important representatives of reggaeton. His career reached a climax in 2015 when he released his single 'El Perdón' in collaboration with Enrique Iglesias.

That year he won the Latin Grammy for Best Urban Performance. In 2018, we also saw it on the stage of the closing of the 2018 Football World Cup Russia. However, it will be seen that all this was not free and that the singer needed to overcome many obstacles to reach what is currently. This is why you have to give the series a chance.

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About Nicky Jam: The Winner

The series began to be recorded in January of this year. It will be released this November 30 and a new chapter will be released every Sunday, just like it was done with Luis Miguel: the series, the other Latin American biopic from Netflix. It is produced by the Mexican company Endemol Shine Boomdog for Netflix and Telemundo, the two chains that will be responsible for its distribution throughout the Americas.

The direction is in charge of Jessy Terrero, producer, and director of music videos with which the singer Nicky Jam has already collaborated before for videos of his songs, such as 'El amante'. It will be the first full-length production completely directed by Terrero. The winner will also be starring Nicky Jam himself and will also feature the reggaeton player Daddy Yankee. However, this is not done by a documentary series, since it is mostly dramatized.

The series will tell the story of Nicky Jam from his childhood to his rise to fame. Given that it is a story of personal improvement, not only will the stories behind the songs be narrated, but the avatars of a young Puerto Rican who must help his family. This is why the series is perfect not only for fans of Nicky Jam but also for those who are interested in the phenomenon of reggaeton and musical encounters between the United States and the Caribbean told through the story of a child of immigrants. We have to see it!


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