Pia Camil: the urban artist who criticizes consumerism

Performance, installation and textile art are some of the samples of the versatile Mexican artist

Pia Camil: the artist who criticizes consumerism and portrays urban ruin

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Pia Camil is an artist born in 1980 in Mexico City, where she lives and works. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, and at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London where she completed her master's degree.

Among the artistic categories that she mainly develops are sculpture, installation, performance and textile art. Her style is exposed in each of her creations, which recalls the urban landscape of Mexico City, advertising, urban displays, modernism that lives in the city and open criticism that makes consumerism.

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Her work has been exhibited in several countries in Latin America and the world, such as Colombia, Mexico, France and the United States, among others. She has received several awards throughout her career, such as the European Honors Program, Palazzo Cenci, Rome, Italy, in 2001.

In 2008 she was also nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Prize in London and in 2009 she formed a performative band called "The Shining". Her work is permanently in collections such as the Jumex Collection, the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection and the Wattis Museum, among others. Within her individual exhibitions are:

  • "Spectacular Curtain" held in 2013 at the Sultana Gallery in Paris
  • "Skins" that was held in 2015 at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, United States
  • "Slats, skins & shop fittings" was held at Blum & Poe in New York, in 2016
  • "A Pot for a Latch" was presented at the New Museum in New York also in 2016
  • "Cuadrado Negro" in the Basque museum-center of contemporary art in Spain
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In the art developed by Camil it has been possible to show the decomposition of the Mexican urban landscape and in its practice the exploration in the urban ruin . An example of this is the paintings and photographs of unfinished projects on the roads of Mexico.

Her work is also related to the aesthetic language of modernism, the relationship it has with retail and advertising. Lately she is participating publicly, because she considers that this is the way in which work can be activated and thus have a commitment to her opposition to the politics of consumerism.


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Among her latest presentations is "THE DOMESTIC PLANE: New Perspectives on Tabletop Art Objects", presented at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum located in Connecticut United States. In addition to the exhibition that goes until December of this year called "Telón de Boca" at the Chopo University Museum in Mexico City and "Split Wall" in Nottingham, United Kingdom.


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