Get ready for the Estéreo Picnic with these 20 songs

The lineup of the Estereo Picnic was already released and the Colombian quota has never been so big and varied. We show you the songs that you need to know

20 songs that you should know about the Colombian quota of the Stereo Picnic

The Estereo Picnic is one of the most important music festivals in Latin America. The next version of the festival will take place from April 5 to 7, 2019. Last week the billboard finally came out, which revealed a very wide and diverse local quota. We present you the indispensable songs of the Colombian scene.

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"Páramo", Montaña

Montaña is a band composed of Felipe León on guitar, Daniel Medina on the other guitar, Sergio Moreno on drums and Alejandro Araújo on bass. It was born in Bogotá in 2014 and they play instrumental rock. They just returned from their tour Coordinates, from their debut album.


"No me cortes el Bonsái", Arrabalero

This band, which fuses the genres of rock, ja, z and punk, is premiering their second album, Sudoku, which came out in July of this year. They also performed in Jazz at the park and now they go to the most important festival in Colombia.


"Travesía", Absalon & Afropacífico

The music of the Pacific coast is fashionable, no doubt. Petronio Álvarez is gaining more and more strength in the Colombian music scene. After performing at this Caleño festival, Absalon, Timbiquí's new talent, now takes Bogotá. His single 'Travesía' has hit throughout Colombia.


"Sudacream", TSH Sudaca

A funk band practically new Bogotá. And although new, it brings sounds from another decade to the Colombian rap scene. This, instead of taking it to the past, refreshes it, since the seventies sound combines with the rhythms of today. This is its last single.


"Corazón", The Yumbeñas

Corazón is their last release. His songs of heartbreaker punk will make him jump and cry. His debut album Me cansé de llorar voy a vomitar is a show of songs of spite that can sing screaming hurt.


"Ey Nena", burn everything by mistake

"Ey Nena", like many of her songs, has an organic lyrics about feeling alone in the city and talking to a girl. His songs are about everyday experiences like this. Combine the genres of pop and alternative rock. They are an independent Bogota band, they produce themselves.


"The more", Mabiland

More talent from the Pacific. Mabiland is originally from Quibdó, which can be seen in her songs. But it is far from being something folkloric, because both its lyrics and its sound are purely urban. Their debut album, 1995 , came out this year.


"Merchopercho", ha$lopablito

The lyrics of his album es el puto sueño revolves around the city, of what it is like to think differently in Colombia. In this album, he has collaborated with TSH Sudaca called "narcofake". It is an indispensable for anyone who wants to know something of Colombian trap and life in the city.


"Los días apacibles", Margarita always alive

This independent band paisa combines nostalgic sounds in a mix they call "reverblxve". These songs with touches of sad punk and pop have lyrics of love and nonconformity that are combined with soft guitars.


"Pez psicodélico", La Payara

This experimental band combines electronic sounds with cumbia and Colombian folklore. They mix the drums and the bagpipes with electronic beats, offering us the best of our folklore and the best of contemporary sounds.


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"Nuevos tiempos", Pedrina

She was first heard in her band Hotel Mama and then in her duo Pedrina and Rio. Now, in her stage as a soloist, the singer explores with a more pop rhythm and more honest lyrics.


"Bailando triste", Nicolás and smokers

This Bogotan band that has lyrics about daily life in Bogotá with which any listener in a large city can identify. With local themes and lyrics, this band has conquered the alternative rock scene.


"Lámeme todo", The Kitsch

It is one of the oldest bands on this list, although they are only 10 years old. Its flagship sound is Californian garage rock. They already have three albums: Anger Fuelled Emotions, The 14 cannon shots dance and Love at first sight.


"Me want party", Irie Kingz

The sanandresanos brothers Oliva and Yeyo make up this duo that brings us the best of Colombian island music with its rhythms of reggae and hip-hop. His singles already sound in the clubs and have made us dance more than once.


"No somos nadas", Rap Bang Club

It is a duo composed by Karin B. and Pezcatore. Although it is a slightly darker rap, it also combines reggae and ska rhythms in their songs. Rap Bang Club is also a collective that moves rap in Colombia.


"Solitario", Mitu

This duo composed by Lamparita and Julián Salazar has already been consolidated as a classic of contemporary Colombian music. It combines sylvan rhythms with electronics and psychedelia. It is without a doubt a must for this festival.


"El pobre", Under Earth

A rock classic paisa noventero. Those who were teenagers during the 2000s will sing this song with a wounded cry. It is also his second time on the stage of the Estereo Picnic, because they changed the Colombian rock during the 90s.


"Tararea", Alcolirykoz

Also a classic paisa, but this time of rap from Medellin. Ten years have passed since their first album and this year they have launched a new project. They are the most important of Colombian and even Latin American rap.


"Cali pachanguero", Grupo Niche

And to finish this list and this series of Colombian classics, the Niche Group. They do not need a presentation. Everyone knows them and they will sing and dance all their songs. A particular selection for this festival, but that completes the Pacific quota and gives it diversity and tradition.



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