A good diet could prevent cognitive deterioration

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We tell you about some foods that have benefits for your brain and memory

A good diet could prevent cognitive deterioration

According to the scientific journal Scielo, cognitive deterioration, closely linked to dementia, is a growing public health problem: currently more than, 35 million patients have Alzheimer's dementia, and it is expected to exceed 135 million in 2050.

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The idea that you can prevent and reduce the appearance of these conditions through a proper diet from the beginning of life is gaining more and more strength. In fact, according to TicBeat, feeding properly can delay the onset of Alzheimer's or reduce their risk by up to 40%.

Therefore, we present below some foods that stand out for their benefits for the brain and memory.

• Fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and whole grains.
• Curry: TicBeat reveals that, in countries where curry has a long culinary tradition, Alzheimer's has a lower incidence. In addition, according to research carried out by the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Jülich (Germany), turmeric, an essential component of curry, preserves cognitive functions and helps to prevent the spread of amyloid plaques that cause the disease.
• Olive oil, or other unsaturated fats such as those obtained from nuts, should be the basis of food as the main source of fats. On the contrary, the trans fats that can be found in processed foods, pastry, microwave popcorn, cereal bars and many others are harmful.

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• Fatty fish rich in omega 3 such as tuna, salmon, trout or sardines should be consumed at least twice a week, preferably steamed or grilled.
• Low consumption of dairy products and meats.
• Low consumption of salt and sweets.
• Avoid preservatives and dyes, opting for a kitchen as natural as possible
• The yolk of the egg contributes vitamin B to the organism and helps to have a healthier brain.
• Cranberries, according to the women's journal today, contain antioxidant pigments that reduce inflammation that accelerates brain aging by stimulating "conversation" between neurons and thus improving memory and learning ability.
• Like blueberries, coffee antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect, protecting the brain against cognitive deterioration. In addition, caffeine keeps systems alert and improves mood.
• Finally, the cocoa that contains dark chocolate overflows with antioxidants that improve memory and learning and even delay neuronal deterioration.


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