From Guatemala to Mexico: don't miss Carlos Mérida's exhibition

Until next March 17,  290 pieces by the Guatemalan painter and sculptor will be hosted at the National Museum of Art of Mexico

From Guatemala to Mexico: do not miss the exhibition of Carlos Mérida

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The faces of Guatemalan painter and sculptor Carlos Mérida arrive at the National Museum of Art in Mexico. A century after the artist arrived in this country, where he remained until the day of his death in 1984, 290 pieces will be presented between fragments taken from his unpublished autobiography and publications about his life and work.

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The exhibition has the name "Carlos Mérida, written portrait" and was curated by the researcher María Estela Duarte from four collections that manage to show in depth the private life, work, universes, and affinities with the artist's contemporaries. The sample can be visited until March 17 of next year.


The work of the artist is important, because in the words of the curator, it is evident the honesty by the adoption of the avant-garde that was taking place in Europe, as well as the learning that he acquired from his teachers and colleagues such as Picasso and Modigliani, among others. In addition, and no less important, because he understood the European style in his own language.

Later, he visited Guatemala again, his native land, and that is where he finds a folklore that gives him the opportunity to make his great anecdotic paintings. You can then take a tour of his transit through Paris in the pre-World War era, his special enthusiasm for the avant-garde, the subsequent return to his homeland, his contact with the pre-Hispanic and miscegenation in the American identity.

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You can also see the fusion that took place between the rediscovery of his origins and European art embodied in the dances, rituals and the great landscapes and buildings of his native country of Guatemala.

The life of Mérida is considered multifaceted, as it is full of experience, rhythms and color that guide the viewer through the different creative stages that the Guatemalan painter and sculptor lived.


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18 years ago his daughter Alma donated to the National Museum of Art the archive of the Arvil Gallery, the Mexican Art Gallery and the granddaughter of Mérida, Cristina Navas, which is a work focused on familiar aspects of the artist. In this you can discover the love that the Guatemalan felt for music, a passion that was interrupted by being partially deaf in his childhood due to illness.

He also had a special predilection for muralism, because he considered it an essential tool to make painting a social art by exposing it in public spaces. Within his most important murals was the Multifamiliar Juárez, which was destroyed after the1985 earthquake that the country experienced.

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