"Saying first lady is something from upper class": Beatriz Gutiérrez

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Beatriz Gutiérrez wants to transform the role of the first lady of Mexico, contributing with all her academic background to the cultural growth of the country

Beatriz Gutiérrez: a different first lady

After the possession of Andrés Manuel López Obrador last December 1st, his wife Beatriz Gutiérrez, has begun to attract the attention of different media. Not because of being the new first lady of Mexico, but because of her academic preparation and her rejection of the first lady's name. It was she who, during the presidential campaign of AMLO, publicly said that she preferred to be called "Obrador's partner" or "Obrador's wife" since for her the title of the first lady is classist.

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"In Mexico, we do not want women to be first or second class, with all due respect to women who have been in that role before, to say the first lady is something of the upper class," she said during the presidential campaign of AMLO.

Her role will be, according to El Espectador, to direct the Honorary Council of the National Coordination of Historical and Cultural Memory of Mexico. There, she will be responsible for recovering the national treasures with the aim of strengthening the historical memory of the country.

On the other hand, Beatriz is the one who speaks to Obrador's ear when making decisions. For example, when AMLO proposed to reduce its security scheme, it was she who made Obrador change its position and end up accepting the protection measures provided by the State.

Lopez Obrador said that it will be guarded by 10 men and 10 women with university studies. Some users offered thanks to Beatriz Gutiérrez for having managed to get AMLO to accept security. This is reported by the aforementioned media.



And no wonder, Mexico is one of the countries where violence is overwhelmed. In July 2018, as indicated by the latest figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, there were 2,599 intentional homicides. Added to this problem is the war between drug cartels that fight to control the routes of cocaine that is shipped to the US, the number one customer.

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An intellectual woman

Beatriz Gutiérrez has published several books, among which are: Long live the sun, Legends and songs, Manuscript of secrets, Filipo or Giordano Bruno, History of a council and other stories, and A day at night. She also shares chronicles and poems in his social networks.

Her academic journey begins in Puebla, the city where she grew up. There she studied Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana, then, in the same educational institution, she did a Master's Degree in Ibero-American Literature. After finishing his master's degree, he enrolled in the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) to do a doctorate in Literary Theory.

In her professional life, she has practiced journalism in El Universal de Puebla, Nexos and Argos Comunicación and the producer of the journalist Epigmenio Ibarra. In the hands of AMLO, when she was mayor of the Federal District, she served as the advisor to the City Government's Dissemination Department. Her performance led her to a higher degree, holding the position of International Affairs Adviser. This is reported by the magazine Caras de México.

The first lady that comes out and the one that comes in

According to Infobae, Angelica Rivera and Beatriz Gutiérrez are polar opposites. Angelica was dedicated as the first lady in the Government of Enrique Peña Nieto to travel abroad, buy clothes and go to parties and, as the main goal, to prepare to star, once finished the mandate of her husband, a Mexican novel.

Meanwhile, Gutiérrez finished with honors his thesis on Francisco de Quevedo's interpretation of the Book of Job. Her degree option earned her the title of doctor. Now she will be in charge of recovering the historical memory of the country and of contributing to strengthening freedom of expression as a journalist.

Thus, Beatriz Gutiérrez will be, with all her academic training and experience in politics, the woman who will transform the role of the first lady of Mexico.


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