Not in the agenda! Topics that were not discussed at G20

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Nicolás Maduro regime and the migration crisis that affects Latin America were two of the issues that were ignored at the G2O summit

Not in the agenda! Topics that were not discussed at G20

In the G20 summit, held in Argentina, issues of great importance were ignored. Either because of how sensitive they could be for some leaders or because, perhaps, they were not on the agenda. One of the topics that were not discussed, was the migratory crisis in Latin America, led by Venezuelans who, surpass 2 million. In addition to this, thousands of Central Americans are migrating to the United States, according to BBC

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The leaders didn’t talk about this issue despite its recognition as a problem that affects the world. This topic needed to be addressed with strategies that aimed at helping those who scape because of political, social and economic problems suffered by their countries of origin.

Venezuela and its government were a topic that was evident to be ignored. This, despite the failed attempts of the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, to talk them on the G20 agenda. It was ignored by the mere presence of Vladimir Putin (Russia) Xi Jinping (China).

The reason? The military and economic support that both hold with Venezuela. Especially China, who granted Maduro a loan for 5.000 million dollars, according to El País of Spain. In addition to this, they hold different agreements, including the exploitation of some Venezuelan natural resources (like gold) by China. So, if the Venezuela issue was discussed, it would have caused the annoyance of Putin and Xi Jinping.

The military aggression of the Russian government to Ukrainian ships before the G20, was another subject vetoed for discussion in the G20, as Vladimir Putin himself would not have allowed it. However, outside the G20 there was a pronouncement by the president of the US, Donald Trump, who via Twitter canceled his meeting with Putin after the events involving Ukraine.

Even though Corruption was a topic that was in the final document of the G20, it did not have the discussion that was expected. At least proposed by Macri himself, An important topic, especially because of it still relevant in countries like Peru, Brazil, and Colombia, thanks to the Odebrecht scandal.

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Another issue was to talk about freedom of expression and how it has affected the world, in countries like Mexico, for example.

Undoubtedly, the presence of Bin Salmán, author, according to the US CIA, of the death of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was the powerful reason to ignore the issue.

Another topic that was ignored and for which he is responsible, as head of Saudi Arabia was the war in Yemen. As revealed by Amnesty International, the war leaves more than 15 thousand civilian’s dead and thousands of exiles.

Although the G2O had agreements on the environment, corruption, education for girls, generation of employment and strengthening of the economy, some problems such as extreme poverty, hunger, among others were not thoroughly discussed collectively nor were there proposals to try to make changes.

The ignored issues will have to be evaluated and worked in favor of changing independently by some member countries of the G20, because the consensus and collective progress is null when there are leaders who force them to censor them.


LatinAmerican Post |  Edwin Gustavo Guerrero Nova

Translated from: 'Los temas que se ignoraron en el G20'