These are 9 foods that your child shouldn't eat

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Many times doubts arise about what we can and can not give to your children, we tell you some foods that you should avoid

These are 9 foods that your child shouldn't eat

Some foods are not adequate to include in the diet of children and babies depending on the age they have. According to the website Bebés y más , it is advisable to avoid certain foods during the first years of life. The most crucial moment of feeding is before two years. We show you the foods you should avoid before this age.

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1. Cow's milk

Children under one year should avoid drinking cow's milk , as it does not offer the amount of minerals and vitamins necessary for development and can even cause kidney problems. The ideal is to use breast milk or, failing that, special formulas that are purchased in pharmacies.

2. Plant milks

A report published by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, advises to avoid vegetable milks such as soy, rice and coconut milk in babies less than one year old, unless it is indicated by the doctor and is adapted for babies.

3. Salt

Any pediatrician will tell you that it is not convenient to give salty foods to babies under one year. Since your kidneys are in the process of maturing, salt can cause problems. In addition, this time is for children to discover flavors and textures. And salt, by altering the flavor, end up creating a counterproductive effect.

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4. Honey

Honey is not recommended for children under one year of age. According to the American Association of Pediatrics , by not having a proper process, can cause botulism, a disease caused by a bacteria that causes problems in the digestive tract.

5. Spinach and chard

Both vegetables are prohibited for children under one year of age due to the large number of nitrates they contain, which are harmful to their health. In case you still have the determination to include these vegetables in your meals, try to make them very small doses.

6. Sausages

Fats and salt containing sausages are extremely harmful to the health of children under 1 year.

7. Spicy foods

Young children are not used to the taste of new foods and, much less if they are very spicy or too seasoned. This, not to mention how dangerous it can be for your digestive system because their components can go heavy on your body.

8. Nonfat dairy products

Although after a year of life children can start drinking cow's milk, it is not advisable to skim it. Ideally, this type of milk begins to drink after 3 years, because milk fat can promote the absorption of vitamins A and D that are so important for the development of the child.

9. Fish and seafood

Raw fish and seafood are totally contraindicated for children of any age. You should know that fish is dangerous and that if you are not careful, they can suffer severe consequences.

Now that you know what foods should not be given to children, it is best to avoid them. Keep in mind that, if you have any questions, it is best to always consult your pediatrician.


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