Find out the best inventions of 2018

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The best inventions of the year, according to Time Magazine, include, among others, the categories of accessibility, foods, and design. Here we show you some of them

Find out the best inventions of 2018

In recent years we have witnessed a high development in technologies that allow us to communicate with the world and perform daily tasks more easily. Each year, Time Magazine publishes a ranking that shows the 50 best inventions over the past 12 months.

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The ranking is divided into categories according to the functions of the inventions, these are accessibility, architecture and design, fashion and beauty, food, gadgets, health and wellbeing, sports and fitness, sustainability and social good, entertainment and travel.


In this category, we find inventions that help people with different abilities to perform actions in a simpler way. The list, among other things, includes:

  • A control developed by Microsoft for its Xbox console, which helps people with low mobility in the arms to enjoy playing video games, with large buttons that can be pressed with the elbow or chin and ports for more attachments, such as pedals for race games.
  • A service known as Aria, an application designed for blind people, where subscribers can borrow the sight of another person who will help them find objects, guide them through a place or describe objects, all through the transmission of a live video so that the person who helps can see the environment of the Aria subscriber.

Architecture and design

  • This year, Grypmat was created. It is a toolbox that can be placed on any surface without falling. In addition, the tools stay stuck to it, so you do not have to worry about them falling.
  • Burrow Sofa is a simple and customizable sofa that can be easily assembled.
  • Icon Vulca is a 3D printer that can easily print the basic structure of a house, using only a fraction of the material and the cost of work.

Fashion and beauty

This category includes inventions that solve a problem while making us look good.

  • SweetFoam, from the company Allbirds, is a material for the creation of shoes made from sugar cane, which helps to combat environmental damage.
  • ZOZOSUIT: a new service that allows users to scan their body with the help of an application to order custom-made clothes, using the exact measurements of each body. Finally, the disappointments of online shopping are over.
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The category takes into account those inventions that change our way of consuming food.

  • The company Beyond Meat created Beyond Sausage as an alternative to sausages by using proteins and plant oils instead of using real meat, thus contributing to reduce the environmental impact generated by the livestock industry.
  • A universal lid for use with all types of pots
  • Food containers that regulate the fluidity of oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide in food, so that it lasts longer in conservation.


  • Gloves that allow you to feel digital objects, to help designers or architects bring their models from the virtual to the real
  • A compass that helps us find friends, family and even pets in case of losing them in a massive event
  • Robotic vacuum that empties itself.


  • Contact lenses that can be adjusted to the light
  • An injectable cure for migraines, although this can not yet be achieved everywhere and remains in a test instance.
  • New training programs for surgeons through the use of virtual reality.


  • The company StrongArm Tech created a kind of sash that allows identifying if a person is putting excessive load on his spine to avoid an injury.
  • The Volleback company thought of people who enjoy doing sports activities at night by creating a jacket that shines in the dark and is charged absorbing the energy of the sun.


  • Nintendo Labo is a product that uses cardboard and the Nintendo Switch console to offer new ways to experience some video games.
  • Samsung's QLED television, which can be camouflaged with the wall
  • Sonos, speakers that improve the quality of television sound and can also be controlled by voice.


  • New electric trucks
  • A suitcase with compartments that keep the clothes comfortable.
  • A suit that uses small jet engines to give the user the ability to fly.

These were just some of the best inventions of 2018 according to Time magazine. If you want to know the inventions that we did not mention or delve into any of them, you can visit the official ranking here: Best Inventions 2018


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