Do you know how you should take care of your skin during pregnancy?

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We present you some of the care you can have during the entire gestation period to avoid irreparable damage to the skin and keep it elastic and hydrated

Do you know how you should take care of your skin during pregnancy?

It is well known that during pregnancy there are many changes that a mother experiences: from your lifestyle habits to the appearance of your skin, which could have spots, acne and stretch marks, everything will start to change as a result of the baby on the way.

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However, there are some cares that you can have during the entire gestation period to avoid irreparable damage to the skin and keep it elastic and hydrated. We present to you the ones that will help you the most:

1. Use sunscreen: according to Natalben, in the second half of pregnancy 70% of women develop spots on the face known as chloasma, a hormonal and hereditary condition whose main trigger is the sun.
To prevent them, sunscreen with a full screen is the best option. In addition, foods rich in B vitamins, such as dairy, fish or whole grains and E, such as nuts, green leafy vegetables, and vegetable oils will be great allies.

2. Hydrate well: The Spanish Society of Community Nutrition recommends drinking between two and three liters of water daily. This, in addition to benefits for your baby, favors the elimination of dirt that accumulates on the face, promotes circulation and helps hydrate the skin preventing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

3. Avoid swelling: According to the newspaper, El Espectador is very likely that during pregnancy your legs, eyes, and neck are inflamed because estrogens, hormones common in pregnancy, contribute to fluid retention. It is recommended that you put compresses of cold water under your eyes, do not stay a long time sitting or standing, elevate your legs as much as you can and find a comfortable position to lie down.

4. Hydrate your body constantly. Use some of the creams in the market, special for mothers, and mainly in the abdomen, breasts, and thighs to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

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5. Manual lymphatic drainage massages are also quite recommended. The lymph is a liquid that serves as an intermediary in the nutritive changes between blood and tissues. According to the Hello magazine, this massage maintains the fluidity of circulation and are useful for treating acne, dermatitis, fluid retention and cellulite at bay.

6. The newspaper Elle recommends the use of masks, such as clay, to rebalance the pH of the skin, because during pregnancy it is possible that the high level of androgens increases the activity of the sebaceous glands, which translates into a excess fat and pore clogging.

7. Eat properly: eating properly prevents excessive weight gain, which means that the skin will not face large stretches and stretch marks will move away from your skin. According to the newspaper Eres Mamá, a diet rich in water, vegetables and fruits will make the skin well hydrated from within and the protein from meat, fish or chicken three or four times a week, will stimulate the production of new fibers Muscular


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