How to pack for your baby on vacation without losing the glamour

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Follow these tips to travel light on holidays with your baby and not have to fill your bags

How to pack for your baby on vacation without losing the glamour
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We are in the holiday season. Whether it's changing the environment or whether or going to visit the family, traveling with a baby can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Parents and new mothers are often filled with things that are sometimes useless or unnecessary but do take up a lot of space in the baby's luggage. This is why we bring you these fashion tips to pack a light luggage but with different pints for you and your baby. These tips will make the holidays more practical and let you enjoy the holidays as you deserve it.

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Learn to combine

If you learn to combine colors and fabrics you can get many outfits of few pieces. A pair of pants, for example, can go with many shirts. The same applies to your baby. We understand that in their first months of life babies want to experience everything, so it is perfectly normal for them to get dirty easily and stain their clothes (and, in passing, stain their parents'). This is why we bring you an easy tip: pack a piece of clothing that your baby and you can put on to get dirty in your vacation luggage. Thus, you can protect the rest of your clothes with this garment and you do not have to wash all your clothes during the holidays and you can repeat clothes.


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Go back to the basics

Try to wear generic clothes that you can easily combine for you and your baby. Some jeans, for example, are a garment that you can repeat easily because they look good with almost everything. The same goes for white or black basic shirts. The same can be done with your baby's clothes: a body and tennis shoes can be the basic attire and you complement it with other clothes depending on the destination's climate: a hat or a bag can complement your baby's look.


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Economize on the garments

You must always be prepared or prepared for the climate of the place and you must prepare your baby also. Some climates require some clothing that is necessary. For these cases, you must learn to choose a single garment that you can use. If you go to the beach, for example, wear only a pair of sunglasses for you and choose only one hat for your baby. Or if you go to a place of cold weather it is not necessary to wear so many pairs of gloves, choose one of a practical color and easy to combine and a hat to protect the head of your baby. This type of garments can be repeated easily and with different outfits and will save you a lot of space in the suitcase.


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How to fit everything?

To pack for vacations we recommend you do not fold the garments as you usually do to order them in your drawers. For suitcases, it is best not to fold them IGNORE INTO boxes but to roll them up so that tubes are formed and space can be saved. In addition, you can store garments inside other garments: underwear inside a cap or stockings inside shoes. Baby clothes are very small so if you use the same suitcase for your things and yours you can use your clothes as a bag for your baby's clothes.

And what about the toilet elements?

If you travel by plane, you will not be able to carry liquids of more than 100 milliliters in your hand luggage. Even if you carry luggage from the warehouse or travel by car, bus or train, we recommend that you carry in each case the cleaning elements that you will need. So, do not light the whole shampoo bottle, but a small container. You can find many of your hygiene products in a small presentation in neighborhood stores and pharmacies. However, we know that baby product does not always come in a variety of presentations and if yes, it is not always the most economical option. For this reason, we recommend you to reuse the packaging of the small presentations of your products and use them as a container for your baby's products. Remember to mark them with a permanent marker so as not to confuse them and seal them if you are going to travel by plane because the pressure sometimes causes these containers to open. They are ready for the family trip!


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