The 5 Trends That Marked The Style In 2021

The nostalgic return to the clothing of the 2000s, the positioning of "genderless" clothing, and the transparent are positioned as the trends that did not go out of style in 2021.

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We bring you five striking trends when it comes to fashion that surprised and that have positioned themselves. Photo: Pexels

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December means the culminating moment of a year, of a part of life and also the moment to carry out balances. In the world of fashion, this is no exception, and there have been many clothes, accessories, and trends that have marked this 2021. Recognized brands and well-known artists have positioned themselves and have attracted the attention of the public.

That is why this time we bring you five striking trends that surprised and that have been positioned: the nostalgic return to the 2000s, the consolidation of unisex clothing, transparent clothing, long pants, and the hippie as what never seems to stop being used.

2YK clothing is a trend again

Perhaps it is because Britney Spears, a music and fashion icon in the early 2000s and who continues to this day, made the news recently again, but the truth is that "2YK" clothing as the clothing has been called used at the beginning of this decade, it has become a trend again. Long pants, miniskirts, short vests, and scarves of various colors seem to make a comeback. In fact, Gen Z is said to have fallen in love with 2YK clothing and are beginning to go for a more retro style of clothing; while those and those who, twenty years ago did not use such clothes, have returned to take them out of the closet as if life has gone back in time.

The transparent gains ground

One of the trends that have positioned itself in the world of glamor is the use of translucent clothing, which presents a duality, since on the one hand it shows the most daring and daring side on the part of people, and on the other hand, it signifies mystery and plays with the transparency of clothing to generate diverse impressions and opinions. The use of transparent fabrics, combining garments that can be perfectly complemented, and the preference for simpler accessories that do not stand out more than this clothing, is gaining more and more followers.

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Genderless, a trend that is here to stay

Surely you have recently heard the concept of "genderless", which refers to clothing that does not have gender, and which precisely seeks to eliminate the labels and prejudices that throughout history have defined what is considered as male and female. Well, this trend has led some clothing brands to gradually eliminate the sections of the stores that divide according to gender. Renowned artists, such as the British singer Harry Styles, have adopted this style reaffirming that genderless clothing has come precisely to stay and that more and more young people are joining this fashion.

Baggy and baggy pants

If we talk about fashion, without a doubt that baggy pants continue to score points as time goes by, and you can use them for both formal and casual events. In addition, they can be used with slippers, boots, and shoes.

The hippie wave never goes out of style

From the libertarian and pacifist movement that was born during the 60s of the last century, the hippie wave is still part of society, and as far as fashion is concerned this is evident. Hawaiian shirts, sandals, tight pants of multiple colors and different shades such as white, red, and coffee, accessories such as large jewelry, scarves, earrings, and bags allow consolidating "the hippie wave", one that dares to break schemes and to function with the total property.

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