Christmas is coming! 3 shows you cannot miss

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Latin America is characterized by its important celebrations at Christmas. Here you have three shows that you can not miss during the holidays

3 Christmas shows you should know

Christmas is coming and with it, there are countless activities that can be attended in order to light up this season in Latin America. Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica host some of the most important shows of these holidays. We tell you what activities include these shows, so you don´t miss them.

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Natal Luz (Gramado, Brazil)

Gramado is a Brazilian city that has a peculiar charm for its culture with German and Italian influence and its European atmosphere. From November to January, this place becomes a Christmas theme park where children and adults can enjoy the true Christmas spirit with activities such as plays, parades, concerts, dances, and fireworks.

Among the different events that take place are: the Great Christmas Parade, shows similar to Broadway, shows with giant screens, light effects, sound and dancing waters, the Christmas Village where you can find the House of Santa, a handicraft fair, musical presentations, 3D cinema, theater, an amusement park and, finally, the famous Tannenbaumfest where walks, religious chants, street theater, the reindeer exhibition, and the famous nutcracker.

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MISI "30 years of Christmas" and "The Nutcracker" Ballet of Santiago de Chile and Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá (Bogotá, Colombia)

There are several shows that are presented in the Colombian capital. One of them is the traditional MISI show, which this year bears the name of "30 years of Christmas" where the company, for its 30 years, has a staging with all the characters that throughout the years have starred in their musical theater works.

In addition, the Santiago de Chile Ballet, together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá, will present the Nutcracker together with music by Tchaikovsky at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater. The work is inspired by the adaptation made by Alexandre Dumas of the story "Nutcracker and the king of mice", a fairy tale that transports the audience to a fantastic world where dreams are fulfilled, achieving a beautiful show to enjoy with the family.

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Light's Festival (San José de Costa Rica)

The parties in this Latin American country begin on December 1 and go until February 2. On December 25, among the activities that can be enjoyed are fireworks, rockets, and light shows. Amusement parks, roulettes of fortune and games of chance that children and adults can enjoy.

The previous night is also celebrated with a dinner and popular dances until late at night. Parades of colorful floats, masks, music, and gunpowder make it one of the most anticipated events of the year, it presents more than fifteen municipal bands that after performing the corresponding audition, play Christmas carols. January 6 is another of the most important activities: the celebration of the Magi as the closing of the festivities, with the placement of figures in the cribs. Although the end of Christmas is given in each family when they remove the ornaments, tree, and manger of the house.


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