CV Players: the first social media for footballers

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The new platform, created in Argentina, aims to make easier connections between professional players and clubs. Here are some details

CV Players: the first social media for professional footballers

Argentinean soccer is going through a good run because, recently, the final match of the Libertadores Cup was played between two of the most important teams in the country. River and Boca left everything on the last match of the Libertadores Cup. However, only a few players are able to make it IGNORE INTO a well-known teams.

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This is how, Damián Acri and Abel Soriano, two entrepreneurs passionate about this sport, thought of a social media that aims to facilitate talent searches and communications between emerging players and professional clubs.

Making discoveries

Soccer is a profitable business that moves at least 500,000 million dollars a year, according to Deloitte. Taking IGNORE INTO account the above, Damián Acri of 35 and Abel Soriano, former footballer of 39, devised CV Players, a kind of LinkedIn for the sport. The objective of this is to strengthen the communication links between employees and employers of the football industry.

"We, the players, do not have curriculum vitae, and it becomes very difficult to get a team when you did not play through great clubs and if you are from a distant town, your chances are smaller," says Abel Soriano to RT.

For the creation of this platform, Acri and Soriano carried out an investigation related to soccer in Argentina. The results showed that of the 1500 football leagues, only 10% of them participated fully in the players market, despite the fact that the vast majority want to be able to buy or sell players; according to La Nación.

In an interview for the same newspaper, Soriano explains that sometimes there is talent that is never discovered and that of 5000 players who aspire to become professional in the big leagues, only two or three manage to do so.

"With our platform, we offer the opportunity to be shown to coaches and overseers. We started to create the Latin American digital seedbed to offer it to the world", explains Acri for the same newspaper, considering that the social media already has a majority of 20,000 players, representatives and clubs.

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How is the network going?

The investment made by these two Argentine entrepreneurs was made during the World Cup. About USD $ 10,000 was enough to raise the social media, hiring 5 employees and with a modest, but, efficient advertising that helped to attract people's attention.

Currently, CV Players has the participation of two teams of the first category: Racing, which leads the current championship, and Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, finalist of the Argentine Cup, as well as other smaller clubs, such as Club Luján.

"The profiles that are currently available can easily be adapted to the leagues of China, Saudi Arabia, or the US. We know that a Boca or River player does not need this in his career, but maybe someday those clubs do need a player of our community”, presumes Soriano in an interview with RT.

The projections of these two entrepreneurs are to expand their relations with the extensive catalog of clubs and players that Latin America has, noting that the project already has the participation of Colombia, Uruguay, and Ecuador. "CV Players was born from football, but the idea is to expand to other sports and have a greater projection in Latin American countries," said Acri for La Nación.

CV Players is totally free and its operation is similar to any other social media, but with the distinction that the most useful relationship will be between the player and the club, being this the one accepting player’s request. Players will fill a profile with specific and required data of their abilities in the sport.

Once you enter the platform it is easy to register in the category to which you belong. For now, these are

  • Female Player
  • Male Player
  • Club
  • Technical staff
  • Medical body and/or representative.

Are you looking to emerge as a footballer? CV Players may be the catapult you were looking for. What are you waiting for to click and register?


LatinAmerican Post | Jorge Becerra

Translated from: 'CV Players: la primera red social para futbolistas'