Everything you need to know about the family boom in fashion

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The figure of the family and motherhood have taken over the fashion campaigns

Everything you need to know about the family boom in fashion

Family and motherhood have become a symbol of success and the image of fashion. Although it is not something new, we have seen many campaigns this year of collections of high design firms carried out by entire families.

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It is not a surprise that the world of style and dress is governed by the law of inheritance and lineage, after all, most well-known design houses are called with a surname: that of their creator. On this trend, the expert Laia Cenea writes for Harper's Bazaar: "The case is to give importance to the lineage, whatever it may be, as a formula for success. Something that was clear from the very beginning of the Italian Dolce & Gabanna, although they were highly criticized for their extreme defense of the most conservative paradigm [...] A concept previously explored by firms such as Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld imagined Baptiste Giabiconi as patriarch of a perfect imaginary family in the fall-winter 2011 campaign".

So this is not a new trend, because the figure of the family has always been in the fashion industry. The difference now, besides that the family institution has changed and now it is about more modern families or even parodies of the family figure, is that the family is not already imagined.

For no one it is a secret that there are now clans that lead the industry and the ones who star in many of these campaigns. The second generation of the models of the 90s is already here and they are conquering the world of modeling. Here we present some of the most important.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan

This is the most obvious family on our list. This clan, which became famous for its series of television reality shows, has taken, in part, the fashion industry. This year the matriarch of the clan, Kris Jenner, participated with her daughter Kim Kardashian and her granddaughter North West in the celebration of the 10 years of the #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign of the Fendi brand, which celebrates motherhood in the world of fashion.

This is not the only campaign in which the Kardashians have made a collaboration. In August of this year, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters participated in the #MyCalvins campaign of the Calvin Klein brand. At the time of the photo shoot, one of them, Klhoé, was eight and a half months pregnant, so the campaign was also a celebration of motherhood and family.

The Gerber Crawford family

Cindy Crawford dominated the world of modeling in the 90s. She is a professional model that is already part of the classics of modeling and a generation that broke paradigms. Her children are now also entering the world of modeling and are climbing with great speed.

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Her daughter, Kaia, has just won the Model of the Year award at the Fashion Awards for her multiplicity of campaigns and shows in which she participated this year. Her brother Presley is also entering the world of fashion and modeling. That is why they were chosen to star in this August the campaign of Calvin Klein Jeans, in which both models.

The Hadid sisters

Well, it's not just the Hadid sisters anymore. The matriarch of this clan is Yolanda Hadid, who is a well-known model and television personality who starred in the program The Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills.

Her daughters Gigi and Bella are now ruling the world of modeling. Gigi and Bella have separate careers and they are the face of different signatures. However, they have collaborated especially on the catwalk.

This year, for example, they shared the stage at the SavagexFenty fashion show in New York fashion week. Their greatest collaboration, without a doubt, this year was the tribute to Beetlejuice organized by Vogue magazine, in which they recreated a family scene and in which their mother, Yolanda, and her brother, Anwar, also participated.

The Beckham family

The football star David Beckham now moves more in the fashion circuit always hand in hand with his wife, Victoria, who after taking a musical career with the Spice Girls, decided to devote himself completely to this industry.

Both have clothing brands together and separately and now their children are also venturing IGNORE INTO modeling and even behind the scenes. The largest of them, Brooklyn, was signed by his mother as a photographer to promote her latest collaboration with Reebook.

Undoubtedly, these clans show that we can mix family with business.


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