Is multitasking good or bad?

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Although a multistask person is extremely beneficial in the workplace, performing several tasks at the same time can be harmful to health

Is multitasking good or bad?

The term multistasking comes from the word 'multitask', which refers to the ability of some computers or devices to perform several tasks at once. Then, people who are capable of carrying out several tasks at the same time or almost simultaneously are considered multitasking.

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In this sense, a multistask person is extremely beneficial in the current work world, since he can perform different functions in an effective way. However, multiple studies have shown that performing several activities at the same time can be harmful to people.

Research by scientists at the University of California found that multitasking can cause memory damage, because there is a battle between the hippocampus, which is responsible for keeping and remembering information, and the telencephalon, which is responsible of repetitive tasks. In addition, it is believed that the quality of the work is bad, because when doing several activities, none is executed with the propper attention.

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On the other hand, an investigation of the University of Standford has demonstrated that multitasking produces a considerable downturn in attention and the intellectual yield with respect to those people who concentrate in a task.

It is also believed that multitasking is harmful to health, as cortisol levels soar, and people experience stress, anxiety, irritability and depressive symptoms; the creativity process weakens and fatigue occurs early.

What I can do?

If multitasking is your thing and you are already feeling some of the consequences of this way of working in your health, here are some tips so you can do all your tasks:

  • Give priority to tasks: classify the activities you have to perform. Determine if they are urgent, less urgent, and not urgent. Once you have classified them, start by making the first
  • Finish your activities: before starting a new task, finish the one you were developing before. It is better to finish an activity with quality than to do many at the same time and with a bad performance
  • Focus: try to get away from all the distractions that you can have during the day and dedicate brief spaces to review your networks


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