Do you want to be healthier? Follow these 5 tips

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Adopting new and small habits this year will help you to reach your goal, reduce stress and feel better in all aspects of your life

Want to be healthier? Follow these 5 tips

A new year begins and with it comes the well-known intentions that will mark our actions this 2019. As always lose weight and improve your health are on the list, but the hectic pace of the city and the different occupations end up sending these good intentions to the trash.

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However, adopting new and small habits this year will help you to be much closer to your goal, reduce stress and feel better in all areas of your life:

1. Eat well

Follow a balanced diet, leave behind the diets that prevent you from eating what you want and seek professional help. The Entrepreneur newspaper recommends consulting nutrition experts who can orient you and give you a special food plan according to your age, gender, purpose, or type of physical activity.

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2. Relax

According to the newspaper Vitónica, one of the greatest enemies of health is stress, related on multiple occasions with heart problems, eating disorders and mental illnesses. Although getting away from the routine can be complicated, try to take a moment before going to bed, either with exercises such as yoga or simply reading a book you enjoy or taking a hot shower.

3. Improve your sleep habits

Multiple times we have talked about the importance of sleep for mental health, which is why in 2019 creating new habits that make it easier to go to bed is vital.
You can try to always go to sleep at the same hour, try not to look at white light screens, try not to eat heavy and try not do exercise just before going to sleep. In addition, a good warm shower and a quiet bedroom will help you relax and sleep easier.

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4. Forget about alcohol

The myth of the daily glass of wine is nothing more than a myth. Even with moderation, alcohol is bad for your health, so eliminating it will bring you closer to your goal of being healthy. Look for alternatives in social spaces where you usually consume liquor, such as cocktails without alcohol, water, tea, among others.

5. Stay away from your phone

According to the newspaper El Tiempo, studies have calculated that the cell phone is looked 150 times daily and two-thirds of users panic if they do not have it.
In addition, the cell phone has been associated with problems of a sedentary lifestyle, postural deficits, pain due to muscle and tendon imbalance, apart from keeping people away from their social nuclei and leading them to waste useful time.


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