Business success: workers are the key

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If you have decided to focus on achieving business success, you could succeed this year by betting on your workers

Business success: workers are the key

The New Year celebrations have just ended and most people are already resuming their studies or returning to work with a long list of intentions to make this year the best of their lives.

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Losing weight, traveling, or getting a partner are some of the most common new year's purposes. However, if you have decided to focus on achieving business success,  you could succeed this year by betting on your workers .

As Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin group and one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world, once said, "you cannot do a good business with a bad person. Find the right people to work with and nothing can go wrong".

So, as employees are the backbone of companies, paying close attention when hiring is one of the utmost importance things. At a time of great competition in the labor market, employability should not be guided only in terms of knowledge and technical experience, but in ability to adapt.

Organizations should recruit people who are aligned with the culture of their company, because the first "customers" of an organization are those who take care of future customers.

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These people become the visible face of your company, they represent the values of the company and they stand for what you want to communicate to the market.

Although aspects such as academic degrees and experience influence when bringing new talent to different areas of business, stop looking for super stars could be much more useful for companies.

It is important to take into account, when looking for new employees, their motivations, their ability to learn and relate in formal and informal contexts, their development in resolving conflicts, and their response to stress. These characteristics are more useful in the long term.

You will need employees who are passionate about what they do, people who are able to retain customers only with their motivation, who are able to function in the field who place them and who, in addition to these skills, are open to change and willing to contribute and promote the growth of your team.

This is why, once your team is satisfied, keeping it motivated will be essential. Atetelele this year to create an optimal work environment, with flexibility of schedules, growth opportunity, an assertive communication, a menu of benefits that shelter workers and their family. These tools facilitate their work and, above all, promote good mental health.


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