Medellín could become the capital of electric mobility in Latin America

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With the award of the contract to acquire more electric buses in the Antioquia capital, Mayor Federico Gutiérrez is closer to this goal

Medellín could become the capital of electric mobility in Latin America

2019 begins with good news for the environment as Medellín would have the second largest fleet of one hundred percent electric buses in Latin America. The BYD company of Chinese origin won a tender in the capital of Antioquia for the Metroplús medium-capacity rapid transit system, which not only provides its services in Medellín but also in the Aburrá Valley in the department of Antioquia. Sixty-four vehicles will be delivered by the Chinese company to make this the largest fleet of purely electric buses in Colombia.

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The vehicles are model K9G with 12.3 meters, have a capacity for about eighty passengers and will be delivered in the second half of this year that has just begun. In the press release, the company quotes the Mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, who specifies that the buses will be operating in August 2019 and explains that all this is part of the initiatives of the C40 Climate Leadership Group. At a press conference, Gutiérrez not only stressed the importance of vehicles being one hundred percent electric, but also more comfortable and add value to the city's transportation system.

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Four proposals from the same number of companies that specialize in this type of vehicle were reviewed, but only the consortium formed by BYD Industry Company Limited and BYD Colombia will finally be responsible for bringing the buses to the city. The standard buses have the capacity to travel three hundred kilometers for every two hours of loading, which is why they will have sixteen recharging points. So far the city has forty-seven standard vehicles and thirty articulated vehicles, so that when the new ones arrive, they will be 141 in total. In an interview with Telemedellín, the manager of the company Metroplús Andrés Moreno, assured that the service will be improved in the system and the frequencies of the current buses. To which the Mayor added that the idea is to renew with the dynamic that with each bus that leaves the system is replaced by an electric bus.

Medellín wants to become the capital of electric mobility, an issue that Gutiérrez has also emphasized in social networks. The arrival of motor vehicles is not only the first step to strengthen this smart mobility project in the city, but also reconfirms the commitment that the administration has with the environment when transforming and innovating in such a topic. criticized as it is mobility, especially in Latin America.


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Translated from "Medellín podría llegar a ser la capital de la movilidad eléctrica en Latinaomérica"

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