3 smartphones with the best screens on the market

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The quality of the images and videos reflected on a smartphone will depend on your screen. These are the best screens on sale today

3 smartphones with the best screens on the market

Display Mate is a laboratory specialized in the analysis of mobile screens through scientific and mathematical processes, evaluating each of the aspects that make up a screen. This evaluation takes into account the range and precision of colors, the brightness, the functioning in illuminated or dark areas, and other factors, in order to know and compare the quality of screens of high-end smartphones.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9


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The last of the Samsung Note models. This model, released in August 2018, currently has the third place among the best existing screens, although in its launch it came to occupy the first place, breaking records in some aspects for Display Mate, according to CNET.

The Note 9 has a Super Amoled screen manufactured by Samsung, with a size of 6.4 inches for a pixel density of 516 ppi (pixels per inch) due to its Quad HD resolution of 1440x2960 pixels according to PhoneArena specifications.

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What makes the Note 9 the third best mobile screen on the planet, according to Display Mate, is the size of the screen that manages to cover almost the entire front of the device, its high resolution 3K that allows to see up to four HD images at the same time, the pixel quality that provides "perfect" sharpness.

In addition, the various screen modes customizable by the user, as well as an absolute color accuracy with an average variation taking into account the actual color of 0.7 JNC, in addition to not being affected by the brightness graduation, a mode of cinema screen capable of supporting a 4K resolution, as well as a reflection of only 4.4% in illuminated environments and an automatic brightness that works excellently.

2. iPhone Xs Max

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The terminal of Apple enters with the second best screen of the market - curiously, manufactured by Samsung, but calibrated by them, according to FayerWayer. This one has a size of 6.5 inches, a Full HD resolution of 1242x2688 (458 ppi), in this case of OLED technology, its launch date was August 2018, according to data from PhoneArena.

For Display Mate, the front space is used efficiently by the screen, also, its resolution of 2.7K is at the point of perfection, since increasing the resolution will not generate a distinguishable change for a human 20/20 view.

Also, the screen has a wider range of colors than other models and similar to a 4K Ultra HD television, its automatic mode provides the most suitable colors for each image, a precision of colors that varies only an average of 0.3 and 0.4 JNCD, allows to reproduce 4K content and has a 4.7% reflection in high illuminations also has a technology that reduces visual fatigue in dark environments.

1. Google Pixel 3XL


With a 6.3-inch OLED screen and Quad HD resolution of 1440x2960 pixels (522 ppi) according to PhoneArena, it makes the Google terminal the best screen of today, since its launch in October 2018. Its strong points, according to DisplayMate, are a maximum sharpness capable of reproducing 4K images, the most advanced color ranges on the market and with adequate automatic management that does not generate saturation.

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In addition, it has user-selectable color modes, a precision of 1.1 JNCD (almost imperceptible) independent of changes in brightness intensity, a reflection in illuminated areas of 4.3% (the lowest ever recorded). Its features allow the use in dark spaces without generating visual fatigue or lowering the 3K resolution it has, obtaining excellent and exceptional qualifications in each evaluated category.


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