The rarest technology of CES 2019

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Find here 8 of the rarest and most interesting inventions presented at CES 2019

The rarest technology of CES 2019

The largest technology fair, CES 2019, was full of brands that tried to surprise us with their innovative products, some with the most powerful hardware and others with some very original inventions that we never thought we could need.

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Find here some of the rarest and most interesting inventions that are now on the market:

1. Green: created by SportsArt, the manufacturer of equipment specialized in gymnastics, the device adjusts to the body and allows to generate energy. According to the newspaper Pulzo, different household devices can be powered thanks to the user's sweat.

2. Hupnos: a mask that will help all the people who usually snore to save their marriage. When feeling the sound, Hupnos generates vibrations to alert the user and make him change his position when sleeping.

3. Elevate: According to the newspaper El Nuevo Siglo, the concept of Hyundai's vehicle, Elevate, was one of the protagonists of CES 2019. The car, which would be used in rescue situations, will be able to move thanks to its wheels turning into legs. In addition, it has a capacity to climb and may adopt movements linked to different animals, especially insects and mammals

4. Artemis: The Spanish newspaper highlights this invention, by CareOS, to demonstrate that augmented reality is here to stay. It is a tool that allows users to see what they would look like with another hair color, hairstyle or makeup, just by touching the screen.

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5. Petcube: is an intelligent device designed to reward, care for and entertain your pet. The device integrates Alexa and is able to throw treats at pets, shoot a laser light to distract them and check how they are with their camera 180 degrees.

6. Smart diapers: the sub-brand company Monit created, according to El Español, an intelligent diaper to make it easier for mothers to take care of their babies. This has a sensor that works via Bluetooth, located on the back of the diaper, to detect if it is time to change it.

7. Y-Brush: a brush designed to wash each of the teeth in ten seconds. To use it, the toothpaste is placed in the tray and then in the user's mouth, while pressing the button on the handle that will vibrate it. Then you must remove and repeat the process with the remaining teeth.

8. Smart toilet: the Kohler Numi 2.0 is a toilet connected to Alexa that helps to make the use of water more efficient, incorporates lights to see at night and also changes colors.


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