Cultural agenda: the exhibitions and events that you can't miss

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These are the two events that you can't miss

Cultural agenda: the exhibitions and events that you can not miss

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1. Los Angeles Art Fair


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It will take place at the Convention Center of the city of Los Angeles from January 23 to 27 of this year, positioning itself in contemporary and Latin American art events on the US west coast. In the framework of its twenty-fourth edition, 120 galleries of 18 will participate in the event, among which are China, Japan and representing Latin America Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

The proposal that Latin and Latin America bring this year is under the name "DIVERSEartLA," a section that will be at the fair for the third time. It is directed and curated by Latina Marisa Caichiolo.



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The proposal is the group of artistic initiatives of institutions, museums and organizations at international and local non-profit levels such as the Museum of Latin American Art of Long Beach (MOLAA), the Collection Arte Al Límite Chilena, LACMA and the CCK of Buenos Aires, which will feature the well-known Argentine artist Marta Minujín. Part of the proceeds from the opening of the LA Art Show, which will be held on the evening of the 23rd, will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.



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2. Plastic Arts Exhibition

The artist Xavo presents in the Space Art Gallery of Menéndez Books in Buenos Aires "Tiempo al Tiempo," until next January 30th. A sample in which he delves with irony and humor about man's obsession with the finiteness of life.

Javier Baliña, better known as Xavi, has twenty-five years of career as a gallerist and has now begun to carry out his creative work, developing his conceptual work initially and forcefully. Precisely, in this sample, time fulfills a fundamental role becoming the conductive thread of the exhibition.


About Xavo (Javier Baliña)

Xavo develops in several branches of art, among them: painting, sculpture, set design, cinema, theater, and photography. He has worked in animation films, documentary films and several feature films with the direction of his native country Argentina and foreigners.

From 2005 to 2017, Baliña dedicated himself to directing his gallery in the city of Buenos Aires; a cycle has completed since last year to develop his work. Since 2013, he began to show his flat and corporeal works in spaces such as galleries and fairs in Latin America and other countries.

In 2015, she exhibited at the Sofía Balut Páez gallery located in Punta del Este Uruguay, in Argentina she participated in "Estilo Pilar," "Arte Espacio" and "Arte en La Herencia" and in "SCOPE Miami." His works since 2013 have also been auctioned in different auctions.



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