Not a step back, we want peace

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Given the events that have occurred, the Colombian people must be more united than ever

Not a step back, we want peace

The anxiety, anguish, and terror reappeared on the morning of January 17 in Colombia. The Santander General School was the victim of a terrorist attack that left 21 people dead and 60 injured. In the middle of the night, President Iván Duque addressed the Colombians and said that for three days the national mourning was going to take place. He also stressed the importance of strengthening as a nation in the face of the event.

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The attack is a tragedy, but it is also a good time to show that the country does not want to back down and go back to the times of Pablo Escobar's car bombs. In these moments of anguish and sadness, you can see how much the Colombian people have advanced in terms of peace. Colombia is not the same country of the 90s and this cowardly attack is the opportunity to join as a nation and say no to war.

At LatinAmerican Post we believe that Colombians, as a people, must respond to the president's call and join him, as a response to not take a step backward in the fight against terrorism. It is not the first time that it has happened, violent waves of terrorism have already occurred, and thanks to the union and the strength that characterizes them, they have gone ahead.

Despite being such a painful moment, citizens must show their full support to the government and demand that the ELN suspend any terrorist act. It is necessary that from the group emerge the initiative to return to the peace dialogues and more now than ever, now that the government announced that it would rise from the dialogue table; the Colombians are not going to beg. They will not like those dissidents who seek in terrorism an outlet to represent their ideals and their disagreement. Peace must prevail. There will not be any step back.

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The government, which in one block repudiated the facts, has the task of facing the challenge that comes with this type of attacks. Not just enough to say some encouraging words. It must take concrete action, rigorous, firm so that the culprits fall the full weight of the law. Now, criminals need a heavy hand and they must pay for their actions, but the Colombian flag as citizens must be calm and serenity because terrorism is only the response of a small group that seeks to attract attention.

In LatinAmerican Post we will offer our support to the government through social media, which have been flooded with words of encouragement to the family victims and against events that occurred in the last hours. In the same way, we will be attentive to the actions taken by the government to fight terrorism that hits Colombia again.


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Translated from: 'Ni un paso atrás, queremos la paz'