Colombia said no to terrorism

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Thousands of people marched today in different parts of Colombia to express their solidarity due to recent acts of violence

Colombia said no to terrorism

The attack to the General School of Santander in Bogotá aroused in the country a widespread feeling of rejection of recent acts of violence.

That is why today, after the call of President Ivan Duque, thousands of people left to march in different parts of the country. From Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Sincelejo, Valledupar, Riohacha, Bucaramanga, Ibague, Neiva, Cucuta, Santa Marta and Cartagena, the Colombians left aside political orientations and social distinctions that often divide Colombia.

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With white flags and messages like "No to terrorism", "I want peace" and "I am a policeman", people express their greatest desire: a Colombia in peace, free of terrorism, war and hatred.

Among the crowd was Ivan Duque, who went to the National Park along with his family to "march as citizens" and "with deep patriotic conviction," he told RCN news.

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"We have a crumpled heart, but we also want to honor these heroes and honor their memory means rejecting violence, rejecting terrorism and uniting as a country," the president added.

Guillermo Botero, the defense minister, also took to the streets and thanked the Colombian people for their support and solidarity. "It is execrable crime, one can not think that against an educational center that terrorist act has been made, likely to have been bigger, that also impacts, and obviously an intense pain to remember all the families because they lost their children from a way that was unthinkable, "said Botero.

For its part, Vice President Martha Ramírez joined this cause and, according to the newspaper El Espectador, assured that no more acts of violence will be tolerated by these criminal groups: "We are in the National Park with many citizens with whom we go to the Plaza de Bolívar to say No to terrorism! Yes to life, yes to democracy, yes to freedoms and yes to the progress of Colombians, "said the vice president.

Apart from showing solidarity for the tragedy in the General School of Cadets of the General Police Francisco de Paula Santander, which left 21 dead and 68 wounded, Colombia marched today for the more than six social leaders and human rights defenders who have been killed in so far in 2019 in different parts of the national territory.


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Translated from: 'Colombia marchó en contra del terrorismo'

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