Which are the worst countries in human rights?

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The non-profit organization presented its annual report on human rights in the world. Which Latin American countries failed?

Which are the worst countries in human rights?

As usual, the organization Human Rights Watch presented its annual report on human rights in the world. For the NGO and with information from EFE, the world is living "dark times", although the "resistance" is "gathering strength" in the institutions and on the street, especially in Latin America.

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What does the report say about Latin America?

Within the presentation of the report, the organization's general director, Kenneth Roth, made a call to the governments of Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil and Venezuela. To this last country, the organization makes a strict call to human rights, because it questions that those "autocratic leaders" repeatedly violate the human rights of the population, and also promote hatred and intolerance in that country .

Due to this, the organization affirmed that in Venezuela, "dark times are lived". The report highlights cases such as the refugee crisis, political persecution, the repression of protests, the humanitarian crisis, freedom of expression, political discrimination, among others. Also highlights that Venezuela has refused to cooperate with organizations that ensure human rights, "Venezuela rejected requests for visits raised by the majority of the rapporteurs and special procedures."


On the other hand, Mexico is a "human rights catastrophe", due to the extreme violence of organized crime added to the abuses of the military, police and agents of the Public Ministry. The organization also makes a call for attention because crimes such as extrajudicial execution, enforced disappearances, and torture have not yet been prosecuted.

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In an interview with Kenneth Roth for EFE, the executive director of Human Rights expects President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to keep his promise to withdraw the army from the fight against drug trafficking, a participation that, in Roth's words, has result "a disaster".


One of the largest countries in Latin America was called by this NGO, due to the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency. The report highlights that Bolsonaro "has endorsed torture and other abusive practices, and made openly racist, homophobic, and misogynist statements."

Within the concerns of this NGO, there is that in Brazil the violence reached a new record, because in 2017 there were around 64,000 murders; the police are not solving all cases of homicide; among other things.


The report highlights that, due to the concentration of power, the government of Daniel Ortega has allowed to commit "very serious abuses against critics and opponents with absolute impunity." For Roth, "Nicaragua follows the footsteps of Venezuela." Similarly, the organization is concerned because since he came to power in 2007, Ortega "has endeavored to dismantle all institutional controls to presidential power."

Although the organization does not offer a concrete solution for the solution of human rights problems, it highlights each problem in each country, and calls for the rights of the inhabitants to be respected. To see more about the situation of different countries click here.

What is Human Rights Watch?

According to its official website, HRW is a non-governmental, non-profit human rights organization. Thus, those who work for this NGO are professionals in human rights among experts from different countries. Given the importance and work of this organization, "Human Rights Watch meets with governments, the United Nations, regional groups such as the African Union and the European Union, financial institutions and corporations to lobby for changes in policy and actions that promote human rights and justice around the world. "


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