'Secreto' and other couple's musical collaborations

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About the lacing of 'Secreto', the new song by Karol G and Anuel AA, we show you these other musical collaborations of couples

'Secreto' and other couple's musical collaborations

Last week Karol G and Anuel AA released their last song: 'Secreto.' In it, they talk about their relationship being a secret, but the reality is different: now they are the most famous couple in reggaeton. The video of the song follows moments of the couple's daily life. Also last week, Anuel AA shared in his Instagram account the tattoo that was made of the two kissing each other and in the video, we witness the moment in which he does it.

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The couple had previously released the song 'Culpables' in collaboration when their relationship was not yet official. In fact, they were singing it at a concert when they decided to make their romance public.

Many other couples have previously made musical collaborations. Some just collaborate, but others talk about their relationship in their songs. Here we show them.

Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía

In November of 2017, Greeicy Rendón was making its way into the Colombian music scene. She released, then, this song with his boyfriend also musician Mike Bahía. Both sing in similar genres: a kind of tropipopero reguetón soft. The song is about two lovers, and the video dramatizes the situation, in which Greeicy has a millionaire boyfriend who leaves her alone most of the time and finds comfort in the arms of Mike Bahía, who although not a millionaire or glamorous, is always there for her. Although, by the time the song premiered we knew Mike Bahia, Greeicy became known as a singer with this collaboration.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

In 1999 Jennifer Lopez premiered her debut album On the 6. The singer of the Bronx was trying to consolidate a Latin audience, so she also started singing in Spanish. Recording her album, she met Marc Anthony, who, like her, is an American of Puerto Rican roots. He asked her to come out in one of his videos, and she agreed with the condition that they collaborate. From there came 'Do not love me.' The theme is a remake of an Italian ballad of the early '90s. It was written to be performed by a duet; it is a conversation between a man who asks the woman he is in love with not to love him because he inadvertently It will hurt and she responds that she can not help loving him. The singers also play the video and in it, they pretend to be the couple that has this conversation. At that time they were not yet a couple. After many years of friendship, they fell in love in the production of the soundtrack of Shall we dance? And they married in 2004, then divorced in 2012.

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Before marrying Marc Anthony, but after having recorded "Do not love me," when his career had consolidated, JLo began a relationship with actor Ben Affleck. In 2002, when the relationship began, López released his album This Is Me... Then. The first single of the disc was "Jenny From The Block," in which it speaks of that although now it is famous, it is still the same Jenny of always, the one of the Bronx. The video of the song, however, is about a different topic: it denounces the harassment of the paparazzi who meddle in their private life and their relationship with Affleck. The actor and the singer play the video together, and we can see scenes of his daily life through the lens of a paparazzi. Then they would collaborate in the cinema in the romantic comedy Gigli that both star and whose failure at the box office was one of the reasons why they broke.

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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller


We all know the story of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller: they had a conflictive year-and-a-half relationship that ended in May of last year and followed by the singer's hasty engagement with Pete Davidson and Miller's subsequent death from overdose. As a reminder of their relationship, we have their three collaborations. On the one hand is "The Way," launched in 2013, when they were not yet a couple. Since for that year they were just friends, there is no reason to believe that this song is about them, even if it is a love song. Then, in 2016, after having made their relationship public, they released the remix of the song of Grande "Into You" in which Mac Miller participates. Finally, that same year also ran on the radio "My Favorite Part," the third single of the fourth album of the rapper, who has the guest voice of Grande and that is a love song.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z / THE CARTERS

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are the kings of couple collaborations. In 2003 Destiny's Child had dissolved and Beyoncé released the first single from her debut solo album "Crazy In Love" in collaboration with rapper Jay-Z. After this, they did not stop working together in a relationship that began as a sponsorship of the rapper with the much younger singer and now is a marriage and a relationship of colleagues and peers. They have been married since 2008 and have three children. Among his collaborations are "Bonnie & Clyde 03", "Deja vù", "Upgrade U", "Welcome To Hollywood", "Drunk In Love", "Family Feud", "Top Off", both have undoubtedly influenced the In her album Lemonade , Beyoncé sings about her marriage and the infidelity of her husband and at 4:44 the rapper talks about the family dynamics they have to deal with, they have already gone on tour together in more than one Last year they released EVERYTHING IS LOVE, their first album entirely collaborative, under the name THE CARTERS, in which they also talk about their marriage, the success they have achieved together and the obstacles they have faced and in which they mix interests musical of each one.


To listen to these and more couple collaborations, go to our playlist.


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