Adrenaline and fun: the best amusement parks in Latin America

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One day may not be enough for you to visit these 5 parks that have entertainment for all ages

Adrenaline and fun: the best amusement parks in Latin America

You do not have to go to Disney or Universal parks to enjoy shows, theme areas, roller coasters and other attractions. In Latin America, there are great amusement parks to enjoy with the family and live the adrenaline to the limit.

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Before mentioning them, we make the following recommendations you need to know before visit them:

  • Because of its size, one day will not be enough to enjoy it. Then, consider how long you will be to know if it suits you the pass per day, for several days or even the annual.
  • Acquire special passes: there are passes to have faster access to some attractions that are the most saturated, in some there are food passes and even passes for specific events or parks of the same chain.
  • Check the calendar: although they open almost all the year, some close for maintenance or for being a holiday, all parks have calendars where you can check if it will open on the date you plan.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, wear a sunscreen and if possible, do not carry backpacks. Remember also that in most cameras are prohibited, either for security or copyright of some attractions.

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These are some of the best amusement parks in Latin America, according to the Huffington Post :

1. Six Flags, Mexico City

This amusement park is part of the American chain Six Flags , it is the most visited in Latin America with almost 2.5 million annual visitors. Among its greatest attractions are the roller coasters of Wonder Woman , Batman, Superman and the Medusa, in addition to the triple 67-meter tower known as Kilahuea .

It is divided into thematic villages: Polynesian, French, Mexican and Villa Hollywood, among others. Some packages give you access to the new Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Park, which is aquatic and is very close to Mexico City.

Cost: From $ 24 dollars.



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2. Beto Carrero World, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Founded by the Brazilian artist of the same name, this park is the largest in extension in Latin America. It has attractions of all kinds: from a zoo, to the classic roller coasters, the Big Tower and other thematic areas.

At the entrance of the park, there is an impressive castle that welcomes visitors. For the little ones, it counts, among others, with the shows of Excalibur and Hot Wheels. It is close to other tourist attractions in Brazil, so you can plan a long trip route.

Cost: From $ 44 dollars.

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O Beto Carrero World tem o tamanho da sua imaginação! Visite o parque e faça parte desse sonho.

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3. The Magic Chapultepec Fair, Mexico City

Located in the Bosque de Chapultepec, this park is traditional among the inhabitants of the Mexican capital, as well as being accessible. Highlights among its attractions are the Roller Coaster, the Eurobungy, the Go Karts, the Pepsi Tower 50 meters high, the Condor, the Cascabel and the Train of Love if you go as a couple. As for shows, you will find wrestling and Sesame Street, among others.

Cost: From $ 8 dollars.


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4. Mundo Aventura, Bogotá, Colombia

Located next to the Plaza de las Américas Shopping Center in the Colombian capital, it is the most visited park in all the country. It has varied attractions for all types of visitors: aquarium, rides, a mini roller coaster and other games that are classic at fairs. Also worth mentioning, are the virtual reality roller coaster Quantum, the Rio Grande train, the Pan-American Highway, the Natural World and the Paseo de los Piratas.

Cost: From $ 11 dollars.


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5. Fantasilandia, Santiago de Chile

A traditional place among Chileans, located inside O'Higgins Park. It has attractions divided into categories: for the whole family, adrenaline, children and payed. Among the adrenaline rides are the Raptor and Boomerang roller coasters, the Xtreme Fall tower, the Kamikaze, Fly Over and Moby Dick. For children, there is a train, a roller coaster called Dragon, The Pirate Revenge and the Mini Bongo. A place where you will undoubtedly find fun everywhere.

Cost: From $ 21 dollars.


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LatinAmerian Post | Luis Ángel Hernández Liborio

Translated from "¡Adrenalina y diversión! Los mejores parques de atracciones en Latinoamérica"

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