Donald Trump: 2 years in the presidency

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After fulfilling 2 years in the presidency of the United States, these have been 3 of the main actions of the mandate of Donald Trump

Donald Trump: 2 years in the presidency

The closure of the government, speculation about Russia's interference in the elections and scandals with prostitutes are just some of the events in two years of Donald Trump's term.

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In 2015, when Trump suddenly launched into the presidential elections, he did so with the slogan of 'Make America Great Again' (make America great again), and with a radical discourse, he managed to take possession. Although controversial and highly debated, El Confidencial affirms that if Trump has done anything in these two years, he has been fulfilling his campaign promises.

To celebrate his two years as president, Trump said that from that moment, the slogan of the country would be 'America First,' which he has been trying to do in those two years.

He also stated that "Every decision on trade, taxes, immigration, and foreign affairs will be made for the benefit of American workers and families." In this celebration, he declared that he would strengthen the borders, which puts in the center of the table the wall he spoke of since his candidacy, a project that has currently cost the president the closure of the Government.

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Two years of Government

Although his central government premise has been against immigrants, President Trump has had more actions in other fields, although Congress has not allowed him to do everything he wants. These are some of the most controversial activities during his two years in office.

1. Fight against the Islamic State

The fight against terrorism has been one of its primary values regarding the Government. This led him to make international alliances, for example with the Kurds, and subdue the terrorists. In 2015, before starting his presidential term, he warned that he would bomb the IS, which he fulfilled in 2017, when he launched his biggest non-nuclear bomb against a fortress in Afghanistan, according to Uno Tv.

However, in December 2018 he ordered the withdrawal of troops from Syria. This caused great bewilderment in allies who claim that the United States is taking away their support. As was also criticized by members of the Government, such as the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, who, as a result of that, submitted his resignation.

2. The Paris agreement

This agreement was made by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where 195 countries are committed to climate change with mitigation, adaptation and resilience policies to curb the greenhouse effect.

The agreement was signed in 2015, and the United States was part of it until in June of 2017 Trump announced his retirement. This decision brought with it a controversial statement by the president, where he stated, through a tweet, that climate change was an invention of China to harm the United States.

Other reasons he gave for his exit from the agreement, according to the BBC, is that "the agreement approved in the French capital is a massive redistribution of US wealth to other countries," which would only leave the United States at a competitive disadvantage. , affecting its growth. He also said that his commitment was with the Americans, so he would commit to the environment under terms that will not change its citizens.


3. Construction of the wall

The crisis around the Mexican border has been one of the main issues during his presidency. The separation of children with their parents at the border, the elimination of the DACA program, which protected undocumented youth from being deported, and, now, the closure of the Government due to disagreements over the construction of the wall and its budget.

The construction of a border wall with Mexico was one of his main campaign promises, and although he has tried, he has had obstacles that have not allowed him to move forward with this project.

This wall, besides, has created a break in the US Government, causing its most extended closure in history, having closed more than 30 days. The budget, of more than USD 5,700 million, has not been approved by Congress, because the majority of it is Democrat and is against the project, so the Government's activities have ceased.

The president asked the Democrats to approve the budget, in exchange for granting certain benefits to immigrants. For this, he said, according to Diario Las Américas, that it would offer "a three-year extension for the so-called dreamers, as the beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are known, and for those affected by the cancellation of the Temporary Protection Status (TPS), which protects thousands of immigrants from deportation. "

All this, to resume the activities of the Government. However, pro-immigrant groups have not supported this, as they claim that there are no guarantees.


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