2 of the most peculiar museums in Latin America

We show you two important tourist attractions in Mexico

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We show you two important tourist attractions in Mexico

Meet 2 of the most peculiar museums in Latin America

When you think of a museum, you usually have an idea of a particular place, with certain characteristics both structural and content that pigeonhole it as a demure and serious place. The truth is that this is not always the case, that is why we show you two museums in Latin America that go beyond the standards of what is known as a museum, not only because of its structure but also because of its content.

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Museum of the mummies of Guanajuato (Mexico)

This museum is very particular for the more than 100 bodies of men, women and children mummified in a natural way, which were discovered after the exhumation of tombs from the cemetery of Guanajuato. There are several factors why this happens, among them the conditions of the area such as:

  • Extreme dryness
  • The coldness
  • The alkalinity
  • The isolation of the weather or of microorganisms which cause a corpse to be mummified, contrary to what normally happens in any of the terrestrial biospheres
  • The complete decomposition of this one.

The museum has as philosophy of life and death that "To honor death is to give meaning to one's life" and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Mexico. Tickets to the museum range between 19.00 and 85.00 Mexican pesos, with an extra 30.00 pesos optional for the use of the camera, children up to 1.20 m tall and people with different capacities, are free.

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Underwater Museum of Art (Cancun, Mexico)

This museum is very particular for the place where it is located: under the waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. That's right, in 2009 it was founded by Dr. Jaime González Cano (director of Costa Occidental National Park of Isla Mujeres), Roberto Díaz Abraham (former president of Nautical Associations of Cancun and the British artist Jason deCaires Taylos, whose work includes The whole of the museum is composed of 3 to 6 meters deep and represents residents and some celebrities.

The figures are made with ecological materials that actively promote the growth of coral, that is to say, with inactive properties of neutral pH that lasts hundreds of years under the sea.

There are several ways you can visit the museum, glass bottom boat, diving, snorkeling and the jungle tour, all taking into account tastes and needs of each of the visitors. The price, depending on the tour that is taken, is from 30.00 to 140.00 dollars per person, being the package "Visitor Center" the most economical and "diving for non-certified or beginners from Isla Mujeres" the most expensive.



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