These are the 5 best-selling cars in Latin America in 2018

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The Latin American automotive market continues to grow, and five different brands lead the most sold vehicles in the region

These are the 5 best-selling cars in Latin America in 2018

Jato Dynamics is an organization specialized in the global automotive market and is also responsible for publishing figures for automobiles sold in certain regions, including Latin America, which take into account manufacturing, retail, rental, suppliers, and agriculture. According to their data, these are the 5 most sold automobiles in Latin America.

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5. Volkswagen Gol

The subcompact vehicle of the German company enters the top 5 with 57,993 units sold. However, it recorded a fall in sales of 18% over the previous year. The Gol has a 1.6-liter engine and a mixed autonomy (city and highway) of one liter of fuel by 17.8 kilometers in its manual version and one liter by 18.3 km in the automatic, according to Volkswagen data.

4. Toyota Hilux

Medium pickups have gained space in the automotive market, due to their moderate size, strength and usefulness for all types of work, although the Hilux is the only one of this category in the ranking, with 59,214 units sold and a sales growth of 8 %. Its engine varies according to the country, however it is usually diesel 4-cylinder in line 2.4 or 2.8, also, depending on the model can be 4x4 or 4x2, according to Toyota Argentina.


3. Nissan Versa


Another subcompact vehicle appears on the list, in this case, the Japanese company has sold up to 64,166 units and reports a 6% increase in sales. The Versa is an "economic" model of the Nissan and has a 1.6-liter engine with a mixed performance of 17.4 km per liter of fuel in its four-speed automatic version, according to AutoCosmos data.

2. Ford Ka

The American company makes its appearance in the ranking with a refurbished Ford Ka aesthetically, now larger and more spacious, but with a small engine 3-cylinder 1.5 that generates a city consumption of one liter by 11.1km and road of one liter by 13.2 km, according to Ford Brazil. The Ka has achieved 94,923 sales, obtaining an increase of 12% over the previous year.

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1. Chevrolet Onix

The best-selling car in Latin America is from the United States, the subcompact Chevrolet Onix has sold up to 112,100 units, reporting a growth in sales of 10%, has a 1.4 four-cylinder engine that gives a city autonomy of 11 km per liter and 18 km per liter on the highway, according to AutoCosmos.


As for the five best-selling vehicle brands in the region, Chevrolet leads the list, followed by Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota and Ford, only Nissan is reporting a drop of 4.1% in sales. In terms of segments, subcompact cars have been preferred by the region, over compact ones like the Toyota Corolla, but SUVs have grown to a level never before seen, occupying 25% of the market, medium pickups also like more than the others, so they represent 60% of the pickups.


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