This is the Cuban film director that you should know

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This is the Cuban actress and film director who has given Cuban and Latin American women great status in the arts

This is the Cuban film director that you should know

On August 6, 1970, in Havana, Cuba, the actress and film director Marilyn Solaya was born. She did her studies in the Art of Audiovisual Media at the Higher Institute of Art, specializing in Direction and Theater at the National School of Art. Her professional career really began in 1993, when she participated as director (along with Juan Carlos Tabío) and actress in the film Strawberry and Chocolate, where she played Vivian, the girlfriend of David, a production that marked with great success her artistic career.

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During that time, she also served as Assistant Director in some dramatized series broadcast on television and in the National Center for Experimentation and Promotion of Art Schools, carrying out staging and workshops for the fifth and sixth Latin American and Caribbean Meeting of Artistic Teaching.

By 1995, she was assistant director of the Spanish Nuria Villazán, this time in the production Maldita Genoveva, and a year later she worked in Despabílate Amor, a film by the Argentine director Eliseo Subiela. Later, she participated in short films and co-productions with the ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry).

The filmography of which Solaya has been a participant has many formats of productions, including humorous and advertising documentaries, shorts, films, dramaturgy, and even end-of-course works, among others. A career that has been reciprocally recognized with awards and decorations, most of which were received for the film Strawberry and Chocolate, more than a dozen awards, the nomination for the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Film in 1995 and the nomination for Bride's Dress in the Goya Awards for Best Ibero-American Film.

Among her other well-known works are:

  • The documentary Until the death separates us (2001)
  • In the wrong body (2010) 
  • The film Wedding dress (2014), with a rating of 6.4 over 10 on the IMDb portal 

Within her productions, there is a great variety of topics, among them transsexuality, homosexuality, and feminism.

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The portal Noticine reported that the filmmaker would return with a documentary whose objective would be to honor Cuban feminism, which would be called 100 years of divorce, and will spread and give voice to the pioneers of Cuban feminism. The fiction feature film about Cuban voters is the result of long readings, debates, talks, among other activities along the path of those women who made history in Cuba and in the world.


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