Meet Naomi Osaka, number 1 of the WTA

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Naomi Osaka not only won the US Open 2018 against Serena Williams, but also won the trophy in Australia. The Japanese tennis player has become a star.

Meet Naomi Osaka, number 1 of the WTA

Naomi Osaka is the new glorious name of universal tennis. The Japanese, brand new number 1 in the world ranking, won the last Open of Australia with full authority and ratified to own and strangers that the Williams sisters, Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova and company begin to part of the past.

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How has Naomi's dizzying journey to stardom been? And above all, where could she go in the future? The answers to these questions in this exclusive analysis of LatamPost.

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Everything is born out of love

Like all the good things in life, Naomi is the fruit of pure love. As noted in El Tiempo from Colombia, it all started when Leonard François, a Haitian by birth and New Yorker by adoption, met Takami Osaka, a Japanese woman rooted in her culture, in Sapporo, a city on the island of Hokkaido. North of Japan, one of the most conservative areas of that nation.

It was here that they began a relationship whose affection managed to impose itself over the lack of approval from the bride's parents, as when they just got married, they went together to the city of Osaka. The product of that story was Naomi, who got  into tennis "since her father saw the sisters Serena and Venus Williams play and knew about the project that their dad, Richard, used to turn them into the most implacable players on the circuit".

At that moment, her early years, François took her to New York and, while she was taking her first steps in tennis, he trained as a coach under the direction of the Williams' father, and then between the two began training this incredible player.


Hey so I know I’ve been posting a lot sorry but real quick I want to thank everyone around me, because during the ceremony I was too nervous and I didn’t wanna talk for too long lol. Trust me this is super long hahaha feel free to disregard. Firstly thank you Kristy this is our first grand slam together, 2nd overall. I haven’t known you for a long time but I already wonder what I would do without you, I don’t think I could’ve held my sanity together without you lol thank you. Thank you Abdul for always pushing me to be a better version of myself and also I don’t think I could’ve played all those three sets without you hahahahaha. Thank you Stu for being the best agent ever and also lowkey therapist sometimes. Thank you Sash for hitting with me for these past 2 weeks. Thank you Carly for texting me jokes that were super lame. Thank you Yoshikawa-san and Toshi for all the support. Thank you MJ for always helping me with everything. Thank you Shimokura-san and Sakai for always smiling, literally. Lastly, thank you dad for teaching me the values in life. I’ve been surrounded by such awesome people this trip and I’m really grateful for it. Love you guys (okay I’ll stop posting for a while now haha)

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Australia, scene of consecration

However, when it was thought that what was achieved by Naomi at the US Open was already great, only a couple of months later, specifically at the Australian Open, she showed that her high performance is the result of years of work. She won everything in Melbourne, she beat all his rivals with total control including the Czech Petra Kvitová in the final, whom she had to beat in a memorable duel.

As a nuevodía.com explained, unlike that afternoon in New York of the US Open against Serena, this time against Kvitová there was no mockery of a confused crowd. There was no controversy. There was no chaos. She did not have to share the focus of attention. Naomi herself confessed that at some point in the Australian final she remembered her match against Serena and used it to calm down and overcome her fears: "I think that if I had not regrouped after the second set, then I would have remembered this match and would probably begin to cry or something like that. It was not like that and I'm happy, I'm happy to have won in this prestigious tournament. "

The first number 1 of its showcases

As if that was not enough, not only are the two consecutive crowns of 'Grand slam' which generate astonishment, because beyond that the Japanese already began to mark a history of new records. Nuevodía.com adds that, with only 21 years, Osaka is the youngest number 1 of the WTA in almost a decade (Caroline Wozniacki was 20 when she ascended for the first time to the top in 2010). Let's think that, in this time of the year in 2018, Osaka was number 72 of the ranking.

Finally, to answer the question of what the future holds for Naomi in the tennis world, it is enough to mention the analysis of the specialized portal puntobreak.com and realize what we are really witnessing with the birth of this star: "Osaka seems to come to save women's tennis from its certain stagnation. It is modernity with the heart of the nineties, ready to write its history by force of improbable winning blows. Osaka gives us back women's tennis and reinvents it. It has the ancient variety, the preclear mind, and the precise and wild blows. Imaginative, too. She is and will be the cornerstone of the new era that is about to begin".


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Translated from "¡Pongan atención a esta mujer! Ya ha ganado dos 'Grand Slams' en fila y es la número 1 de la WTA "

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