Cinema for dogs: K9 Cinemas makes it possible with this innovative idea

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Thanks to K9 Cinemas, now you can enjoy a movie in the company of your furry friend

Cinema for dogs: K9 Cinemas makes it possible with this innovative idea

In recent years, the idea of being able to go everywhere with pets has spread. The so-called pet-friendly places abound more and more as time passes.

Shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment centers have adopted a culture in which users can take their canine friends, so they don't have to leave them at home.

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Faced with this new trend, K9 cinemas has structured a business idea never seen before: in the movie theater humans will be able to enter an ideal space where they can take dogs to enjoy the most blockbuster films of previous years. The place is located in Texas, United States and has been a success since the tickets are sold out in each function.


There are only 3 rules to enter this pet-friendly movie theater:

1) The user must take responsibility for cleaning his pet and keep the environment clean

2) Only two dogs will be allowed for each human 

3) It must be verified that the dog has up to date all the necessary vaccines.

Once this is accomplished, you can enjoy the function.

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As we said before, the film screenings are not billboard premieres, but they are very famous films from the past that only look for a moment to share next to their furry friend. According to the portal Tribuna from Mexico: "they currently do not broadcast on its screen premiere films but recognized classics such as Home Alone or Elf. In addition, they only open on selected weekends. However, they expect the concept of 'dog-friendly' cinema to be extended. "

In the snack area, you have products for both for the dog and its owner. There are croquettes for the dog, peanut butter prepared for consumption, and edible cream. In addition, there is a free bar, where humans can consume liquor for free, which draws much attention to users. The cost of admission is $ 12 USD per person and each dog enters for an amount of $ 5 USD.

As expected, K9 Cinema has no restriction on breed types, even if in many countries there is a statement of potentially dangerous races.

This is stated by the founder, Erik Lankford, in an interview for radio station W radio: "We do not discriminate against any breed of dog, we know that the only dogs that can become aggressive are those that have been badly educated by their masters."

Without a doubt, it is an innovative idea that has been a success, judging by the comments in social networks and the mass attendance of the inhabitants of Texas.

As Erik, we hope that these cinemas will not only expand throughout the United States, but will also be able to cross other regions of the world where we would take advantage of the space to share with our faithful friends.

LatinAmerican Post | Gustavo Cantor Romero

Translated from "Cine para perros: K9 Cinemas lo hace posible"



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