Do you know how to care for your dog in heat?

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If you suspect that your dog is in heat, you should take certain precautions so that both she and you are calm

Do you know how to care for your dog in heat?

The first heat of your dog can occur between 6 and 12 months of age: from that moment on, your pet will go into heat every six months and its period will last around 20 days.

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According to the newspaper 4 Patas, it is quite common that during this time, hormonal changes alter the behavior of our pampered: some become less tolerant and are aggressive with strangers or members of the house, others become more affectionate, increase their level of activity or develop psychological pregnancies.

According to the newspaper Instituto Perro, you can identify if your dog is in heat because the vulva will swell, small hemorrhages will appear in the genital area, and it will have a tendency to lick that area all the time .

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The estrus usually has two phases: in the proestrus, which lasts around 7 to 10 days, the females present a bleed and release pheromones to attract the males. In estrus, which usually lasts at the same time, your dog will continue to release pheromones and will also be receptive to the copula.

That is why, if you suspect that your dog is in heat, you should take certain precautions:

1. The first one we recommend, of course, is to sterilize your dog before its first heat. In addition to avoiding the large number of jealousy, you will stop taking the risk of your pet running away from home to seek to cross and you can also help minimize the risk of cancer in the reproductive system and breast.

2. A panty specially for dogs will prevent blood loss at home. Usually, this accessory is sold in several sizes, is adjustable and is used only when the dog is at home, Consumer reports.

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3. Avoid enclosing it for a long time, since you can cause other behavior problems such as destruction or excessive barking.

4. Continue it's walking routines normally, but keeping in mind that it should always go on a leash. Try, also, not to frequent places where there are many dogs that, in an oversight, can mount your pet.

5. To avoid being annoyed in excess, it is useful to wash the perianal region and apply menthol essences that confuse the detection of pheromones by males.


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