The elegance of the 'Peaky Blinders': from the screen to the catwalks

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The fashion of the British series attracted the taste of many, including David Beckham, who ended up launching a collection inspired by the 'peaky blinders'

The elegance of the 'Peaky Blinders': from the screen to the catwalks

The popular British series Peaky Blinders has been recognized for its quality on several levels: acting, script and production. His wardrobe faithfully reconstructs the fashion of the 1920s in the United Kingdom during the interwar period, marked by poverty, marginalization, crime and social differences. As other series and movies have done, Peaky Blinders dresses the mafia with the best of fashion of its time. Suffice it to recall, for example, the Italian mafia in Francis Ford Coppola's classic The Godfather.

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Peaky Blinders is followed all over the world, famous people are its spectators. La Nación of Argentina assures that it is the favorite series of president Mauricio Macri. Also the former star of British football, David Beckham, has declared himself a fan. But the former footballer has gone further, he has launched a collection inspired by the series that, from the first season, drew attention to the costumes: all kinds of tailored suits, flat caps, "gatsby", "ascot "and even hats.

Unlike other series, where what catches the attention is the feminine fashion, this stands out more for its masculine fashion.


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Of course the wardrobe of Peaky Blinders did not come out of nowhere, it is the product of the fashion studio of the 20s that is reflected in every aspect of the screen. From this, Beckham decided in 2015 to acquire the company Kent & Curwen, specialized precisely in clothes of the time, according to the GQ magazine.

Now, at the London Men Fashion Week, Beckham presented by the hand of Daniel Kearns, former designer of Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection based on the popular series, made for both men and women, according to El País of Spain. The same newspaper, ensures that the former soccer player's company closed 2018 with sales of more than 130 million euros.


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What characterized the fashion of the 20s?

The Spanish site ABC highlights some important elements of men's fashion of this era, known as the roaring twenties or the "crazy twenties":

1. Sleeve garter: Sleeve league, used to adjust the size of the sleeves of the shirts, since they were all the same size, it was then the way to customize it.


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2. Interchangeable pieces: The collars and cuffs could be interchanged, being the parts that get dirty most of the shirts. This also allowed to give them a starched finish before putting it on the shirt and having a better hygiene with them.


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3. Use of wool and tweed: The thick wool and tweed (rough wool) clothing were common at the time, the Shelby brothers practically uniformed with these fabrics that look impeccable.


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4. Use of hats and hats: It was a common element both in the working class and in the upper class, designed for different contexts: playing polo, working, covering the rain, the cold, the sun, etc. The Shelby brothers use them with an additional accessory: the knives, which are their hallmark.


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The designer of the series is Stephanie Collie, who has managed to work with the details so that the clothes look on screen. The color palette of the series is close to the grays and browns, in agreement with the photograph that shows a dark England, dirty by the coal, the smoke and something of the most characteristic of the time: the poverty, the delinquency and the corruption.


In addition, the production has taken special care with the cultural differences of the criminal groups of the plot that are reflected in the costumes, there are Italians, Americans, Jews, Russians and English throughout the four seasons.


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