Meet the other confederations' nation teams that have marked the Copa América

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Countries like Mexico, Honduras and the United States have excelled, as they achieved privileged positions in the oldest national tournament in the world

Meet the other confederations' nation teams that have marked the Copa América

The Copa America has had luxury guests. Some have stood out more than others when reaching the end and occupy positions that have given them renown. The most special case has been that of Mexico, which has reached two finals of this competition in Ecuador 1993 and Colombia 2001.

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In those occasions it managed to become the runner-up of the contest, which has allowed it to have recognition and give level to this tournament of great recognition in South America. In addition, in the Copa America of 1997, in Bolivia, it achieved the third position with a good level coming from Luis Hernandez.

On the other hand, there are other teams like the United States and Honduras that have enjoyed the privilege of occupying positions of privilege in 1995 and 2001. LatinAmerican Post announces the glorious moments of those countries that have been invited to the different Copa America's editions.
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Mexico: Runner-up twice and twice third

The first time the Aztec team participated was in Ecuador 1993 and reached the final. On that occasion, they won the respect of the whole world, having achieved the subtitle, after losing in the final 2-1 against Argentina. The group stage was not the best for them, since they went to Quarter Finals as better third after achieving 3 points, product of 3 draws.

They shared the group with Argentina, Colombia, and Bolivia, and to advance to the next phase they suffered a lot, but then showed their best potential. Deporte Total of Mexico reports that, in the instance of Quarters, the Aztecs eliminated Peru after defeating it 4-2, showing fight and a good performance.

Later, they surprised both locals and strangers, after overcoming the host of the tournament, Ecuador, by winning 2-0, with which they managed to advance to the grand final. Finally, they reached the final instance where they lost 2-1 against the Argentinians. Jorge Campos and Hugo Sánchez were the leaders of the team.

This selection won many accolades and therefore, Publimetro.com.mx said that this team has been the best of all time, according to fans. Later, the Mexican team, became a constant guest to this competition, and that was how it achieved the subtitle in Colombia 2001.

On that occasion, it lost 1-0 to the host, who got the title after a header goal scored by the central defender, Iván Ramiro Córdoba. Alberto García Aspe was part of this team, who played the finals of Ecuador 1993 and Colombia 2001, as explained by Espn Colombia.

The presence of the Mexicans has given prominence to this competition, and in Bolivia 1997 and Venezuela 2007 it ranked third. In the Cup that was held in the highland country, Mexico was third with a great performance by Luis Hernandez who was the team's scorer. 'El Pajaro' was the scorer of the Mexicans in this continental competition, after scoring 9 goals in Bolivia 1997 and Paraguay 1999, Marca said.


Honduras: surprised the whole world

The Honduran national team gave something to talk about in the Copa America in Colombia that took place in 2001. On that occasion, the 'catrachos' eliminated Brazil in the quarterfinals, after defeating them 2-0 and they were third in the contest.

Honduras national team decided to participate in this competition, since Argentina decided not to go to Colombia because of the armed conflict that existed at that time. The portal Diez stressed that the coach was Ramon 'El Primitivo' Madariaga and was eliminated in the semifinals by Colombia.

This time, the 'catrachos' were third after beating the Uruguayans on penalties, and climbed to position 20 in the FIFA world ranking. The victory against the 'canarinha' had a great connotation: Saul Martinez scored the two goals and, according to La Prensa, these were the words of Luis Felipe Scolari: "Me, Luis Felipe Scolari, will remain in history as the coach who lost to Honduras. It's horrible but they played better than us."


United States: fourth place in Uruguay

The United States team finished fourth in the Copa America of 1995 in Uruguay. One of the most memorable moments of the American team was the thrashing he gave Argentina, 3-0 ,in the group stage of the tournament.

According to Ovacion Digital of Uruguay, the figures of the American cast were Eric Wynalda, Alexi Lalas, Tab Ramos, Cobi Jones and Paul Caligiuri. Afterwards, they were eliminated in the semifinals by Brazil, which lost the final against Uruguay, while the United States fell 4-1 to Colombia for third place. It should be noted that, in the Copa América 2016, the Americans finished fourth after falling again against Colombia in the third place match.


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