Ushuaia: travel to the awesome end of the world

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Few places in the world have Ushuaia's magic, the southernmost city in the world, a place that challenges anyone's imagination

Ushuaia: travel to the awesome end of the world

Ushuaia, considered one of the southernmost cities of the planet along with the Chilean Puerto Williams and Punta Arenas, is a remote place located in the south of Argentina. Due to its geographical location, it has a climate that would be extreme for most, but at the same time it is its greatest attraction. The austral spring and summer are the best time to visit this port, because it is the season with the friendliest temperatures for visitors . South America is in the middle of summer right now, so Ushuaia is ready to welcome tourists.

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The city is an architectural treasure, inheritance of its colonial past, as it was inhabited by both Spaniards and Englishmen. In addition, being close to the Beagle Channel, it had contact for centuries with ships from all over the world. Numerous attractions are located within the city, we recommend the following according to the information provided by the InterPatagonia and Info Ushuaia sites:

End of the World Museum: This anthropological site preserves elements Ushuaia's history, from pre-Columbian times to the 20th century. This includes utensils of more than 8,000 years old, objects of indigenous communities and also of the different expeditions and religious groups that came to the area throughout centuries.


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Maritime and Presidio Museum : Located in the old penitentiary of Ushuaia, both museums allow us to know part of the history of the city and are also the most visited ones. The Presidio jealously guarded the place as it remained after its closure as a prison, there are numerous objects of the inmates, a place that can be chilling. The second museum is the Maritime, in it you can find boat models and information on navigation in the city, one of its biggest signs of identity.

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Cerro Castor : If  you are not into museums, but instead into extreme sports, then you should visit this impressive ski center located 26 km away from Ushuaia. It has skating rinks, ski circuits with different difficulties and designed by world class experts. You will also find all the amenities: hotel, shopping area and food.


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Tierra del Fuego National Park : Located just 10 km away from Ushuaia, an impressive natural space awaits you. You can find lagoons with canoe rides, waterfalls, a huge bay and 40 km of trails perfect for hiking and bird watching lovers.


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Martial Glacier: Located 7 km away from the city, it is one of the most famous attractions of the place, as it not only has the spectacular view of the glacier, but also a viewpoint that allows you to observe in detail the city and its surroundings. You can walk through the snow and practice skiing in its center dedicated to this sport.


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End of the World Train : A small but unforgettable train journey that relives the last 7 km of the old route of the inmates of the Ushuaia's penitentiary. This route, previously used by inmates to collect materials for construction, now serves as a tourist attraction and reaches the Tierra del Fuego National Park, including different stops to appreciate the landscapes of the region.


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Thanks to its size, it has all the services of a city, which includes an excellent hotel infrastructure, restaurants and a modern nightlife, perfect for adventurous tourists. Nevertheless, if you want to relax, there are also other options such as spa, shopping centers and a unique cuisine with a seafood meny whose special plate is the king crab, a large crab typical of the food of the region. The best way to get to Ushuaia is through Buenos Aires, through a flight of just 3 hours.


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