Soccer: Why does a striker cost more than a defender?

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We show you the most expensive transfers in the football world in positions. The strikers are the most expensive on the market

Soccer: Why does a striker cost more than a defender?

They say that the forwards win games and the defenders titles. From an analytical point of view, both parties are essential to achieve the objectives, that is why football is a joint sport, and each piece is vital to make a perfect 'gear', from the lone goalkeeper, passing through the defense and specifying the goal options with the batters, but why is an offensive player more expensive than a defender?

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Every score is celebrated to rage by the fans, while the downcast will relay their criticism towards the defenders who did not avoid the fall of their goal.

From a daily perspective, it is easier to destroy than to build. Therefore, the cool player, the one who weaves every offensive action, the 'brain' of the midfield and his 'henchmen' will be seen as the savior in every outing to the field of the game. Meanwhile, the defender, with only crossing humanity will avoid the rival advance; or the goalkeeper, with his hands, will deflect a shot to his cabin.

Easy or not, each position in the green rectangle has its specific and important function, the truth is that the one who makes the feints, the fantasy goals, the Chilean and the dribbling will always take the public's looks, or else, Why do they repeat the annotations in the news and not the actions of the defenders?

The differences

The media footballers and those who fall in love with the rostrum with their plays and fantasy goals are those that top the list of the highest paid athletes in front of the defenders and goalkeepers, who as a rule have less technique than the midfielders and strikers, however, something has changed in recent times, although there are abysmal differences.

According to a study carried out by the International Center for Sports Studies of Switzerland (CIES Football Observatory), the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé is the most expensive forward in the world, surpassing the Englishman Harry Kane and the Brazilian Neymar. The investigation, taking into account performance, club in which militates, age and contract, throws that the Gaul reaches a value of 216.5 million euros, ahead of 197.3 of Kane and 197 of the Carioca, stars that begin to overshadow Lionel Messi (170.6 million euros) and Cristiano Ronaldo (123.6 million euros).

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Exorbitant numbers and a massive gap against the defenders and goalkeepers, such as the 90 million euros paid by Liverpool to Southampton by Virgil Van Dijk or the 70 'melons' that Manchester City disbursed to Athletic by Aymeric Laporte.

Some would think to stand on the arch to avoid that this was violated would have the most expensive players in the field, but it is the opposite. However, the figures have improved for the goalkeepers, who dare to pay 80 million euros, as Chelsea did for the Spanish Kepa Arrizabalaga, or 75 million euros from Liverpool by the Brazilian Alisson Becker. In the third step appears the veteran and idol of many, the Italian Gianluigi Buffón, for whom Juventus paid the Parma, in 2001, 52.8 million euros.


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