The craziest and most expensive clauses in world football

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From greeting the public in each match to preventing a player from wearing red soccer cleats: some clauses in the contracts of certain soccer stars

The craziest and most expensive clauses in world football

It is no secret to anyone that the contracts of soccer players are generous when it comes to embodying their signature and close the agreement with the professional teams, but some of them retain unknown, irreverent and juicy clauses, which increase the number of zeroes on the right in the bank accounts of the athletes.

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Let's start with the multiple and millionaire agreements that the Brazilian Neymar made with Paris Saint-Germain, for example, the 427 thousand dollars that he receives each time he approaches the public to greet and say goodbye to the fans who accompany the team in all stadiums, or the additional 2 million 280 thousand dollars if you do not criticize the technician; a similar figure if it is among the three candidates to win the Golden Ball, revealed Football Leaks.

This condition is very frequent in the formalities of the PSG stars. Every time the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé (133 thousand USD), the Brazilian Daniel Alves (80 thousand USD), the Argentine Ángel Di María (80 thousand USD) and the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani (80 thousand USD) approach the public, they also receive a check

Another one who handles special contracts is the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, this time regarding his employees. CR7 signed in 2012 with its employees a confidentiality clause in which it prohibits them from speaking about their privacy "up to 70 years after the death of Cristiano Ronaldo or the last of his relatives". The fine for appearing in the media would reach "an amount equal to five times the amounts received with a minimum of 300 thousand euros (342 thousand dollars)."

More soccer follies

The 56.7 million dollars that the Argentinian Ezequiel Lavezzi charged for 23 months of work with China's Hebei Fortune were not the only ones he obtained when he disembarked in the Asian giant. The 'gaucho' also received two furnished houses, two cars, a cook and a driver.

Another curiosity in the world of football was the ban made to the Dutchman Rafael Van der Vaart when he signed with Betis in 2015: he could not wear his usual red soccer cleats, the color of Sevilla, eternal rival of his new team. The difference was offset by an agreement between the parties, in which 14 monthly payments for 130 thousand dollars were transferred to the athlete's account in exchange for Van der Vaart not wearing red.

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What's more, Liverpool shielded the controversial Italian Mario Balotelli with a clause in 2014, according to which he would receive about an extra one million 300 thousand dollars for "not being expelled more than three times for violent behavior, not spitting on a player or any other person and not using offensive language or gestures . " And, if that was not enough, when he arrived in Milan, he was prevented from going out at night, smoking, controlling alcohol consumption, wearing hairstyles or extravagant clothes and damaging the image of the team on social networks.

Football is a about everything, even to control the weight of its players, as was the case of Neil Ruddock with Crystal Palace, when the English soccer team set a fine of 10 percent of their salary if it exceeded 98 kilos, although, according to The Sun, the club left him free after the defender 'broke' the scale.


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