Mourning in football: goodbye Emiliano Sala

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The body of the Argentine footballer was found among the wreckage of the plane, which had been lost since January 21

Mourning in football: goodbye Emiliano Sala

After finding a body on Sunday February 3 in the middle of the remains of the plane that had been lost in the English Channel, the authorities of Dorset, England, identified the body of Emiliano Sala. The police of Dorset affirmed that: "The body brought to the port of Portland this Thursday, February 7, 2019, has been formally identified by the Dorset coroner as that of the professional footballer Emiliano Sala."

The body was delayed in being identified due to the conditions in which it was, and could be the player or the pilot, the only people who were on the plane.

On the day of the accident, an audio of WhatsApp sent by the player was known, where it was heard that something was missing on the flight:

"Hello, little brothers, how are you crazy?" Brother, I'm dead, I was here in Nantes doing things, things, things, things ... it does not end anymore, it does not end anymore, it does not end anymore, it does not end anymore. Nothing, guys, I'm here on top of the plane, it looks like it's going to fall apart ... And I'm going to Cardiff, crazy, that, tomorrow, we started, in the afternoon we started to train, boys, let's see what happens ... So, how are you two little brothers? All right? If in an hour and a half they do not have any news of mine, I do not know if they are going to send someone to look for me, because they will not find me but ... you know ... How scary I am! "

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Both players and the Argentine Football Association have manifested


After it was learned that the body was the player's, the family issued a statement confirming the news and thanked the messages. They also sent a message of encouragement to the pilot's family, who is still waiting for his body to be found.

Who was Emiliano Sala?

The 28-year-old Argentine played as a striker in Nantes, a French team. Although he was never highly regarded in world football, and did not manage to be part of the Argentine team, he had had an excellent previous semester, so he would make his professional debut in the Premier League, in Cardiff City.

According to BBC, the semester that ended in Nantes had put him in the crosshairs of many European teams in the first division: "Up to 7 clubs in the richest league on the planet, the Premier League, fought for a player although he could be technically limited he offered physical power and was brave and endearing".

The same media stated that, in his personal life, he was a reading enthusiast, had a dog, who accompanied him to have coffee and enjoy Nantes, and played guitar.

Sala was going from Nantes to Wales to start training with his new team at the time of the plane crash. However, BBC World said: "Nantes fans had spent the whole month of January waiting for their 'warrior' not to leave the team. And apparently, the player himself was not really convinced to do it. "


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Translated from "Luto en el fútbol: adiós Emiliano Sala"

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