A human chain for humanitarian aid

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Given Nicolás Maduro's rejection of humanitarian aid, the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, calls for citizenship

A human chain for humanitarian aid

The humanitarian crisis, health and food that Venezuela is experiencing does not stop. Last Tuesday, the United States began sending food and medicine to the border between Colombia and Venezuela as an aid to the crisis that this country is experiencing . However, the regime's leader, Nicolás Maduro, denied that there was a crisis and he snickered Monday night saying that they wanted to send "trucks" with four "coppers," that is, things to supposedly humiliate the Venezuelan people, a thing he said he would not allow.

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As the Caracol Radio website published, Venezuelans in the state of Táchira affirmed that if Maduro kept on not allowing the aid to enter, they could reach the Tienditas Bridge and beyond the Colombian border to receive them.

The idea is to make a human chain to protect them and as the same portal cited so they have to sleep, walk to get to the bridge, they do not want the dictatorship anymore.


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On February 8, at the time of the deliveries, the US ambassador made a call to the Venezuelan forces and affirmed that these are the ones that hold a historical moment in their hands, and he made a call not to attend the orders of Nicolás Maduro, this being an illegitimate government and listening to the clamor of the Venezuelan people who are in need of medicines, food and other necessities.

Lester Toledo said that, as being Juan Guaidó's representative on the border, he said he was convinced that the humanitarian corridor would be a reality thanks to the collaboration of the Venezuelan people, people passing the aid to Venezuela along the border with Colombia.


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The aid is being organized by volunteers and different humanitarian organizations in the collection center of the Tienditas Bridge, which are in this key point of the border to manage all the delivery of these, are sacks with non-perishable food that can supply a family of five or six members for seven days.

In such a case that the passage of aid is hindered by some of the bridges separating Colombia and Venezuela, a plan would be thought so that this could be carried out through Brazil.


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Translated from "Una cadena humana por ayudas humanitarias"