Cultural agenda: The tours and exhibitions that you cannot miss

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Here we will show you the artistic events that you cannot miss

Cultural agenda: The tours and exhibitions that you can not miss

Banksy at the Frieder Burda Museum (Germany)

In October of last year, one of the most recognized works of British artist Banksy went viral. The piece Girl With Ballon was auctioned for 1.8 million euros, but moments after having an owner it self-destructed. The artist explained later that it was a way of criticizing the art market. According to Banksy, it was assumed that the work would be destroyed in its entirety, but the system of the shredder he installed failed.

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Now, many people will wonder what happened to such a controversial piece? The work was renamed Love is in the bin and until March 3 can be observed in the Frieder Burda Museum. The scenic proposal of the museum revolves around this image that has become one of the most internationally recognized. The desire of the artist is that the largest number of spectators can visit it, that is why the entrance to observe the work is free.


Una publicación compartida de MUSEUM FRIEDER BURDA (@friederburda) el



Una publicación compartida de MUSEUM FRIEDER BURDA (@friederburda) el


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Tour USA2019 - Colectivo Ar7seven (Colombia)

According to the website Las2Orillas, since February 17, works by artists of the collective Ar7seven will travel to the United States to carry out their USA2019 tour for the second consecutive year. The entrepreneur and cultural manager Dolly Delgado, who also directs the collective, will be the one who will be representing the artists.

There are several exhibitions that will take place, therefore there will also be a large number of places where these pieces will be exhibited: the University of Houston, the Institute of Hispanic Culture in Houston, the Consulate General of Colombia in the city of Los Ángeles, the Hispanic Cultural Center of Miami and two private galleries in New York.

The special guest to participate is Lázaro Hernández, figurative painter, expressionist originally from the city of Santa Marta who uses the spatula in his paintings in such a way that the texture that generates makes them special. Among the other Colombian artists that will be participating are: Dora Luz Delgado from Medellín, the Cartagena Carlos David Bolaños and the Cali Eibar Castillo, among others.

Among the Latin American artists is the Venezuelan Dora Gabay and the Chilean Karen Monroe. There are more than fifty works of art that will be appreciated by all those people who are interested in supporting Latin American art.



Una publicación compartida de Ar7 seven (@ar7seven.col) el


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Translated from "Agenda cultural: Las giras y exposiciones que no te puedes perder​​​​​​"

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