Why is David Beckham's football team in trouble?

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A series of demands could thwart, whose debut in the US league championship was established for the 2020 season


Why is David Beckham's football team in trouble?

David Beckham built a project with an MLS team, called Inter Miami, with which he tries to get things done in the best way possible. However, it has two setbacks due to lawsuits for the construction of the stadium and the true identity of some of the partners.

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According to as.com, the Miami commissioners began an investigation that questions the extent to which the sporting scenario will take place. This medium indicated that the institution said that the site will occupy 131 hectares, but the control said that at least 157 must be built.


Also, this construction includes a development that includes 73 hectares with training camps, offices, premises and hotels. Latinamerican Post analyzes these two facts that could endanger the participation of this squad in the MLS season of the year 2020.


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Problems with the ground

Attorney William Douglas filed a lawsuit alleging that the city of Miami violated a statute by seeking an agreement without bidding. The portal Pasión Fútbol, reported that these lands correspond to the Melreese Country Club golf course, which would be the club's new home.


There are doubts about whether Miami correctly described the land that would be leased for the construction of the complex. In addition, there could be another legal key. Miamidiario.com pointed out that the approval of the Miami commissioners is sought, and that there is a gear to make a lease.


The media mentioned, made known the complaint filed by the Miami attorney, David Winker, where there is no clarity in certain things. Winker indicated that the city documents did not adequately describe the territory. That is why a referendum was held.


This was carried out in July of last year, where a 3-2 vote was presented that yielded the 131 acres as property with 2 folios. Despite the good relations that the former British footballer has, he has had to change the location of the stadium four times.


Espn stressed that it has tried to build the stage in the Port of Miami, in Little Havana and Owerthon, but in all there were problems. These situations have been generated by the citizens, who contributed money for the constructions, as in the Marlins stadium.


The former English footballer has had a long time with this initiative, which although it has taken shape, has been presenting a series of problems. For that reason, David will have to overcome these difficulties as soon as possible in the courts, in order to conform in the best way to Inter Miami.


The other options that have emerged as alternatives and have been analyzed to house the team are Hard Rock Stadium and FAU Stadium in Boca Raton. Deportetotalusa.com, said that Inter Miami could play high-level matches as it has a demand of more than 50,000 spectators.


For its part, the media indicates that the FAU Stadium would not be a good option because the assists have not been good and have been friendly without success. Another of the points addressed in the lawsuit were the doubts about the construction of the Miami Freedom Park as promised in the architecture.


It is important to emphasize that there is a series of restrictions regarding the construction of the buildings basically due to the proximity to the airport. It is also located near the Federal Aviation Administration, and the tallest buildings should be grouped at the north end of the site.


Another issue that was addressed was the identity of each of the owners who are part of this American cast. Infobae pointed out that there are three shareholders, including a Japanese one, who intend to give prominence to a team that seeks to make history.


The Cubans Jorge and José Mas have made a great fortune with the Mas Tec group, while the Japanese Masayoshi Son is the owner of Softbank. These businessmen joined the Miami Beckham United organization, along with its two original partners, the Bolivian Marcelo Claure and Simon Fuller.



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