7 benefits of sterilizing your pet

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Still doubting whether to sterilize your dog or cat? Here you will find the great benefits that your pet, family and community would enjoy

7 benefits of sterilizing your pet

Surely you have heard that it is convenient to sterilize females before the first heat so they do not have babies or castrate the males before they mature sexually, but what is the truth? The reality is that these simple procedures bring benefits not only to your pet but to your family and society as a whole. Let's see what they are, according to the ASPCA specialists.

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1- Lengthen the life of your pet

Sterilization and castration prevent in a large percentage that your dog or cat get testicular cancer and that females suffer from life-threatening uterine cancer or breast infections.

2- Avoid unwanted offsprings

If you have your pet neutered or sterilized, you can rest assured that it can walk together with other dogs or cats, in parks or during walks, because you can play with them without running the risk of sexual intercourse and unwanted pregnancies.

3- You will have a more educated pet

Upon entering heat, the females become uneasy and tend to attract males with their crying and odor. Dogs and cats, meanwhile, will try to escape from home, mark territory with urine and even fight with other males. This simple surgical procedure will make your pet stay calm and friendly.

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4- It is cheaper than a birth

Bitches and cats do not need to have babies to feel fulfilled. Surgery is not as expensive compared to the expenses incurred by the pregnancy and delivery of the female, not to mention the first controls on the offspring! Think that to give them up for adoption you must first have them at home for 45 days, deworm them and give them their first vaccine.

On the other hand, there are free castration and sterilization campaigns according to the place where you live.

5- Reduce the number of stray dogs and cats

Sterilizing and castrating your pet will prevent unwanted births, that is, there would be fewer offspring that could end up on the street. Unfortunately, when you give the puppies up for adoption, you do not know their destiny, so they can be abandoned or they can escape if they are not well cared for.

6- Discourage animal trade

The marketing of purebred puppies is an inhuman practice, which does not benefit pets in the least.

7- You improve its quality of life (and yours)

Your pet will no longer be exalted with successive heats. With sterilization, you will suppress the problems that these bring at home and in your pet, while keeping them away from potential diseases and possible fights with other animals. Integrally a dog or a cat will become more domestic, with fewer complications of health and more love to give.

With all these benefits you can no longer have doubts: sterilizing or castrating your pet is the best option. It is a simple surgical procedure that, although it requires anesthesia, is quickly overcome. It is advisable to do it once your dog or cat (female or male) reaches 6 months of life, at which time their organs are already developed, and before the first heat. If in doubt, always remember to consult with your trusted veterinarian.


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