Jorge Ramos was arbitrarily detained in Venezuela

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According to Univisión, the group of six journalists was held at the Miraflores Palace on the orders of Nicolás Maduro

Jorge Ramos was arbitrarily detained in Venezuela

The journalistic group, headed by the renowned Jorge Ramos, was retained in Venezuela on the orders of Nicolás Maduro. Univisión, media to which the group of journalists belongs, reports that after questions that bothered Maduro, he ordered to retain the team. In addition, Maduro also demanded that journalists' equipment and telephones to be confiscated.

The journalists detained were:

  1. María Martínez
  2. Claudia Rondón
  3. Francisco Urreiztieta
  4. Juan Carlos Guzmán
  5. Martín Guzmán
  6. Jorge Ramos

The situation caused concern, because according to statements by Jorge Rodríguez, communications minister of Nicolás Maduro, the journalists were not being held. The minister told Univision Noticias "that the journalists 'had not been detained' and that they were on their way to their hotel, but until now, Univision has not been able to communicate with Jorge Ramos or any of the other members of the journalistic team".

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Colombian journalist Daniel Coronell made the complaint through his Twitter account



Time later, Coronell confirmed that the journalists were released although the journalistic material was confiscated.



For his part, Rodriguez stated in his account that in Venezuela they do not lend themselves to that kind of "cheap shows".



We will amplify this information as the facts are clarified.


LatinAmerican Post | Marcela Peñaloza
Translated from "Jorge Ramos fue retenido arbitrariamente en Venezuela"