3 Latin American female artists who made a diference

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Because of the International Women's Day, we want to highlight the work of these three Latin American artists

3 Latin American female artists who made a diference

These three Latin American female artists have made the difference at the international level, leaving the name of each of their countries and Latin America high.

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Alicia Alonso - Dancer (Cuba)

Alicia was born on December 21st, 1921, in Havana, Cuba. During her early years, she danced as Alicia Martínez and later changed her last name to her husband, with whom she married at an early age. Alicia Alonso has had a long and important career; she has participated in musicals professionally, has been the special guest of Los Ballets Rusos de Montecarlo, and has been recognized as the prima ballerina by different companies from different places in the world, as stated by the website Danza.es.

Alicia Alonso is Prima Ballerina Assoluta in the National Ballet of Cuba, where last year for the 70 years of the Ballet the program included several tributes for the 75 years of the debut of the dancer in Gisselle.


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Laura Esquivel - Writer (Mexico)

The Mexican writer was born on September 30, 1950, in Mexico City. She carried out studies as an educator, theater and dramatic creation, specializing in children's theater and co-founded the Theater and Children's Literature Workshop. In 1980 she began to venture into the production of screenplays for cinema, debuting five years later with the screenplay for the film Chido One, Tacos de Oro, which was nominated for its argument for the Ariel Award from the Academy of Cinematographic Sciences and Arts. Mexico.

Her first novel Like Water for Chocolate was published in 1989 and had great commercial success. Her husband, Alfonso Aráu, adapted the movie to the big screen in 1992. The film was awarded ten Ariel awards by the Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences. Due to its international success, Esquivel's novel was translated into more than thirty languages.


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Leonor Fini - Pintora (Argentina)

The Argentine artist was born on August 30, 1907, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and died on January 18, 1996, in Paris, France. They call her an artist and surrealist painter, feminist icon, controversial, always free and never conventional, glamorous charismatic and eccentric muse, as published by the portal ABC.es. She began painting at an early age, admiring the artists of the Cuatroccento first, as published by the portal mchampetier.com.

In 1933 she settled in Paris, this allowed her to establish a friendship with artists of the same surrealist movement as Max Ernst and René Magritte, among others. This helped her to carry out her first solo exhibition in 1935, as stated by biografiasyvidas.com. That same year, the famous dressmaker Christian Dios made her one of his muses, and in 1933 she posed nude for Cartier-Bresson as published by the portal ABC.es.



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