Another blow to Chavismo: Chávez's daughter would be deported

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Of the thousands of requests that can be found on the website of the White House, there is one in particular that draws attention

Another blow to Chavismo: Chávez's daughter would be deported

"Deport María Gabriela Chávez and send her back to Venezuela", that is the name of the petition created last March 3 by 'JP' , and in which it is argued that "according to the position of the United States on Venezuela and their decision not to recognize the Maduro regime, the Venezuelan people respectfully request the deportation of María Gabriela Chávez, daughter of Hugo Chávez and permanent delegate of Maduro at the UN. Ms. Chávez has openly criticized the democracy and culture of the United States while on American soil. She represents a narco regime and a terrorist state. In addition, despite being in New York on public tasks, she has not attended meetings of the UN General Council on 3 of the last 5 occasions. Finally, she is cataloged as a known recipient of large sums of money resulting from systematic corruption in Venezuela and, therefore, should be investigated by OFAC".

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The petition , which can be found on the "We the People" page of the White House of the United States, surpassed the 100,000 signatures needed for the Administration or the White House to review it. At the time of writing this article, the petition had 137,146 signatures that supported it. The step to follow, according to the website, is that this request will enter a waiting list before being reviewed.

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Who is María Gabriela Chávez?

She is the second of four children of Hugo Chávez. She currently serves as the alternate ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations and is considered one of the richest Venezuelans in that country. According to the Daily Mail, she has a "personal fortune of more than 4 billion dollars, hidden in the bank accounts of Europe".

The same media explains that her fortune was given when she acted as first lady of her father, after Hugo Chávez divorced his second wife. Highlighting her action to call Cuba, when in 2002 there was a failed coup attempt to end the socialist regime.



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What is the method to follow?

As mentioned, the petition will enter into a type of waiting list before being reviewed by the US government within a period of 60 days. Although the government or the White House have not expressed themselves in this regard, it is expected that they follow the protocol and that they manifest themselves within the stipulated time.


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