Love in the time of Millennials

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According to a survey of an Internet dating site, the political position of a person is a great influencer when choosing a partner

Love in the time of Millennials

When selecting specific attributes in a person is usually taken into account the color of the eyes, height, texture, among others. However, today and for millennials, there is an essential feature in the whole list: its political position.

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According to writer Julie Spira and author of the book Love in the Age of Trump, "since Donald Trump was elected president, politics is prioritizing the way people leave [.. .], singles are now more interested in having a similar policy and talking about good policy," Spira told the Florida Daily.

Besides, and according to a survey conducted by the Internet dating site Plenty of Fish, where 2000 people participated, it leaves as a result that people are living and dating their political beliefs. This is how the survey concluded that:

  • 59% of singles will not start talking to someone whose dating profile promotes a different political opinion.
  • 52% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats will not start a conversation with a political opponent.
  • 84% of singles believe that it is better to discuss their divided opinions with their partner openly.

However, not everything has to be on the negative side. According to another survey, conducted in 2016, by the same site and with 4,000 people participating, 33% of women would go out with a person to Trump or with different political ideals.



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Love and applications

According to Spira, "the profiles of mobile dating applications now include political terms, or instructions for 'slide to the left if you vote for Trump,' or 'slide to the right if you think Trump is making the United States big again.'

Also, not only applications modify their options to meet the criteria of their users, but through social networks have emerged profiles in which a person with a political position similar to that of the interested party is sought.

Such is the case of profiles, on Twitter and Instagram, called 'Red Yenta.' According to the description on their social networks, it is a socialist dating site created by Marissa Brostoff and Mindy Isser, who according to the Washington Times, "worried that socialist men were not dating socialist women, and described their new dating platform. As a "community service" to help filter through the political trends of a potential date.



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The dynamic is simple, just enough to send a short description, what "socialist sect" is to end and the state where it resides to an email that is in the description of the profile and voila, wait with whom you can match.


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